These Nawaz memes have the PML-N supremo going to the moon as well appearing in Money Heist

These Nawaz memes have the PML-N supremo going to the moon as well appearing in Money Heist

Nawaz hasn't been in Pakistan since late 2019 but a photo allegedly tweeted by Maryam shows him "in" Kashmir.
Updated 12 Jul, 2021

Did she or didn't she?

According to PTI people, she did.

We're talking about the photoshopped image of Nawaz Sharif that was allegedly tweeted by PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz that has become meme fodder for Twitterati.

As of now, Maryam's timeline shows no such picture. Special Assistant to the PM on Political Information Dr Shahbaz Gill, however, has shared a screenshot of what appears to be a tweet by Maryam with a combo photo of her and Nawaz.

The picture on the left shows Maryam — who is leading the party’s election campaign in Azad Kashmir — standing at a scenic spot in Keran, Neelam Valley and the picture on the right shows her father Nawaz — who has been in the UK since November 2019 — standing at the same exact spot. The tweet reads: "Ties with Kashmir are very old".

Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan also jumped into the conversation on Twitter, calling Maryam "a fake princess" who she said made a slip up out of fear of losing the elections.

Gill posted this screenshot on Sunday at 12:17pm. We checked Maryam's profile on Monday morning and only found a tweet with her pictures.

Twitterati, however, seem uninterested in whether the photoshopped picture was shared by Maryam or not, and are using the screenshot to up their meme game by inserting Nawaz into far-fetched scenarios.

So where all has Nawaz 'been'?


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