'Zero judgments': Anoushey Ashraf remembers Qandeel Baloch with an important message

Published 19 Jul, 2021 11:01am

Images Staff

"You can disagree with her ways, but you can never agree with hurting anyone," she said.

Five years after Qandeel Baloch became a victim of 'honour' killing in Pakistan, actor and RJ Anoushey Ashraf remembered the social media icon by speaking up about an issue extremely relevant even today — lack of empathy and kindness.

She recalled that a long time ago, Baloch shared a picture of Ashraf on social media and said she was kind to her. Ashraf remembered how she hadn't done anything exceptional or out of the box, and had just been a decent human being — and surprisingly, that's all it took to make someone's day.

"On this day many years ago, Qandeel Baloch put up a picture of me when we met at a show. She thought I was kind. That's all it took to make someone happy. Being kind. Being respectful. To each and every human," she wrote.

"I know nothing of her struggles or her miseries. I only see someone on the surface and I shall never be mean to someone for their choices. It's not my job, honestly. My job is only to be kind. Zero judgments. You can disagree with her ways, but you can never agree with hurting anyone," she added. "RIP girl."

Qandeel Baloch polarised society long before her death and even more so after. She was subjected to hatred and disrespect and Ashraf's point is valid. Showing empathy and respecting the deceased is the least one can do as a decent human being. It's quite literally the bare minimum.

You can disagree with someone's behaviour, but that doesn't give you the right to hurl abuses at them or mock them. Be kind and be respectful. Your words are a reflection of who you are and who you choose to be in the future — so choose wisely.