Twitter is in fits after listening to Saeed Ajmal explain the 'doosra' to Usman Khawaja

Published 17 Jun, 2021 05:59pm

Images Staff

"What the science, science is the man," he said. We concur.

Sometimes we just can't get the right words to describe something — a phenomenon former cricketer Saeed Ajmal experienced while explaining a 'doosra' — a style of delivery he had perfected during his playing career — to Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja, who had asked him "is it possible [to bowl the variation] now?"

Ajmal came under fire for his bowling action several times as a player, with it being reported on more than one occasion and even leading to a bowling ban. In the interview, however, he appeared confident in his ability and control over the 'doosra'. He told Khawaja that he could teach young players how to bowl the delivery in under a month with an action compliant with ICC policies.

To be accurate though, what he said was, "I can bowl, I ready the guys like within a month any youngster can bowl doosra within 15 degrees but ICC ban straight away said nobody can bowl, science said, why science fu****g man, what da science, science is the man."

"The best explanation of the doosra that couldn’t be explained by Saeed Ajmal," said the Rawalpindi Express, Shoaib Akhtar, taking note of the viral video. He admitted he's excited to hear him explain a 'teesra' next.

Some users were busy picking out the golden words from Ajmal's answer.

Others were impressed by Khawaja's self control. We have no idea how he held in his laughter.

Some saw Ajmal's effort as one aimed at decolonising science.

While others saw it as a reflection of their own self.

A third group saw reflections of another player in him.

English might not be Ajmal's strong suit and he has gone viral several times for his interviews but the sentiment was expressed just fine. What is his strong suit, however, is bowling. The man was a world-class athlete and is a name Pakistani cricket fans will never forget — it's just a cherry on top that he can make us laugh while being all that.