Naimal Khawar reveals how she balances her art while being the mom of a toddler

Published 10 Jul, 2021 04:06pm

Images Staff

She opened up during an Instagram Q&A session and said her husband, Hamza Ali Abbasi, helps out too.

Naimal Khawar, who usually avoids the spotlight and left acting for art a few years ago, has come on social media to answer a few questions about her love for art and managing it with a child.

She took to Instagram to answer questions posed by her fans, including how she manages to make time for her work with a rambunctious toddler (and a super adorable one, might we add) on her hands.

Here are her answers to fan questions:

Tips for struggling artists?

"As an artist you need your space. For me, I need to sit in my zone and it's only then that I can be productive. If there are too many distractions around, I don't feel I can work," she said, revealing how her husband, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, takes over daddy duties with their little one Mustafa and is supportive when it comes to her work.

Why stallions?

"When I was a fresh graduate from NCA, that's when I started riding. I started spending a lot of times with horses. I would sit there, observe them and connect with them I feel. They were very calming and soothing for me," she revealed, adding that she believes horses are God's most beautiful creation.

Do you feel bad about your work taking a dip after a baby?

"Of course it did," said Khawar. "But I was prepared for that. It's very natural. I just had a baby and I need to give more time to him. I have all the time in the world to do all the things I want to do."

Please say something for your fans?

Khawar said she received so many prayers for Mustafa and she's so grateful to all her fans for all of them. "I keep getting DMs and I'm always reading them. I'd like to thank all the people for their prayers and love. It means a lot, guys. Just remember us in your prayers, stay safe and wear your masks," she added.