"Don't spread false news to sensationalise someone's special day," says the now former actor.
"Don't spread false news to sensationalise someone's special day," says the now former actor.

Naimal Khawar got married to Hamza Ali Abbasi and everyone's been all over it.

From their sweet and simple-looking nikkah to their wholesome valima, the event has been the talk of the town, with all of us talking about the decor, the wardrobe and how adorable it is that the couple held hands throughout.

But as a post from Naimal where she announced her departure from acting went viral, another debate struck.

Said Naimal in her post, "I’m wrapping up shooting for my first and last drama serial, where I worked with some incredible people and had a great learning experience. However, I would now like to bid farewell to acting. I will not be pursuing it as a career because I feel that I cannot balance it with my art, which will always remain my first priority and passion."

"You will not be seeing me on the screen anymore but you will be seeing a lot more of my paintings and hopefully, exhibitions. I would like to thank all the wonderful people I met on this short endeavour. It’s been lovely."

While Naimal made it clear that she left acting for her art, the post went viral during her wedding with many questioning whether it was actually her marriage to Hamza Ali Abbasi that led to this decision.

After the wedding festivities wrapped up, Naimal took to Twitter to not just call out these rumours but also to remind everyone of how old her original post was.

"I am a consenting adult woman capable of making my own decisions and this narrative of 'saving me' is nothing short of demeaning my right to choose for myself," said Naimal in her post.

She went on to clarify, "I left acting nine months ago and the decision was entirely mine. Don't spread false news to sensationalise someone's special day."