BTS send their love to the hearing impaired community through music video for 'Permission to Dance'

BTS send their love to the hearing impaired community through music video for 'Permission to Dance'

The song's choreography includes a surprising move that their fans did not see coming.
10 Jul, 2021

BTS ARMY unite! The K-pop band has released the music video for their single 'Permission to Dance' and there is a lot more meaning to it than what meets the eye.

BTS is a South Korean boy band that debuted in 2013 and has since gained fame and fan-following from around the world. Their new music video for 'Permission to Dance' is out and features the boys grooving in, what appears to be, a small desert town.

The song's theme is about visualising and celebrating life as it could be in a post-pandemic world. The music video comes at a time when many countries around the world are lifting lockdown restrictions as their citizens receive Covid-19 vaccinations.

Fans realised that the choreography for the song includes international sign language. Twitter has been flooded with comments and praise for this. One user posted, "‘Permission to Dance’ includes special choreography that incorporates international sign language that means ‘fun’ ‘dance’ and ‘peace’."

"Scratching their body while raising the thumb and slightly bending the rest of the fingers means fun. Moving two fingers side to side on top of the palm of the other hand represents dancing and lastly making [the] ‘V’ sign means peace".

The music video is also receiving a lot of love for being inclusive overall. A Twitter user said 'Permission to Dance' "celebrates diversity", which is "heartwarming". It incorporates sign language, shows people of different races and age groups and promotes blue-collar jobs such as being a janitor and a waitress.

'Permission to Dance' is included on the Butter EP released in 2021. The album features two songs sung entirely in English by the Korean band. According to Rolling Stone, the song was co-written by British singer Ed Sheeran.

We love seeing inclusivity in music and BTS' 'Permission to Dance' has it in spades. Let us know what you think about the music video!


Chrís Dăn Jul 10, 2021 04:31pm
Simply a WOW.