The Hum Style Awards red carpet was a lesson on what NOT to wear

The Hum Style Awards red carpet was a lesson on what NOT to wear

This year, we were hard pressed to find a single outfit we liked.
Updated 07 Jul, 2021

The Hum Style Awards were held on Sunday and we'll just say it — this year's red carpet looks were a lesson in fashion mistakes 101.

The Hum Style Awards are annual accolades attended by stars from the television, fashion and music industries of Pakistan, and while celebrities are meant to wear outfits that show the very best that Pakistani fashion has to offer, the looks they offered this time around were anything but impressive.

Here are the celebrity outfits that left a lot to be desired.

Sonya Hussyn's neon green suit

What we didn't like: Hussyn's suit seems to be poorly fitted, which is a fashion faux pas when it comes to suits that are not specifically designed to be baggy. Her suit was made by MAHGUL.

Omair Rana's light blue suit

What we didn't like: While we can forgive the unremarkable colour palette, we can't get over the clumsy fitting of the blazer. Again, immaculately fitted suits are key. Rana's suit was made by Zeitgeist.

Aima Baig's off shoulder gown

What we didn't like: Baig's outfit feels less like a formal gown and more a beach dress, mainly because of the choice of fabric. Those puffy sleeves did NOT go well with the dress either. Also a word to the wise: iron out those creases!

Ali Rehman's tuxedo suit

What we didn't like: While we're all for tuxedo looks on men, Rehman seems rather awkward in his outfit mainly because of its clumsy fit. Those trousers aren't doing anything for the look either.

Alizeh Shah's strapless black gown

What we didn't like: This one had a lot of potential but the bodice was not designed well for Shah's figure. If the waistline had been lowered, it would have been far more flattering. The memes are pouring in for this one folks, and we kind of see the point. In some videos, there were flashes of white tulle underneath her dress (an underskirt perhaps?) and we aren't sure if it was intentional. If it was, it didn't work at all and if it wasn't, someone please dye her underskirts black!

Uzair Jaswal's street style suit

What we didn't like: The reverse stitching on one side of Jaswal's blazer? Yeah we're gonna take a pass on that for our next formal suit inspiration. The suit was designed by Mohtaram.

Ali Xeeshan's 'King of the Hill' suit

What we didn't like: Xeeshan is unconventional when it comes to his outfits and while we have appreciated his out-of-the box designs in the past, we can't digest that polka dotted bathrobe he is donning underneath the cape.

Amar Khan's silver column dress

What we didn't like: This outfit was not flattering at all. The sleeves, the fit, the bodice — nothing worked for us.

If we were forced to choose from this deeply uninspiring series of offerings, the only outfit we liked was what 21-year-old model Maha Tahirani wore.

Maha Tahirani's pink gown

What we liked: The colour, design and the overall fit complement Tahirani's attractive features. Plus that gorgeous curly up-do does well for the overall look. Her dress was by Sana Safinaz.


Say no to political correctness Jul 05, 2021 03:07pm
Alizeh Shah is half the age of others who attended this event. Yet this kid got bullied the most.
Sane MInd1st Jul 05, 2021 03:11pm
Where were this Awards held? and Why?
Jonathen Jul 05, 2021 03:21pm
get a life
Chota Jul 05, 2021 03:30pm
Its their life.let them wear what they want
Osman Jul 05, 2021 03:59pm
Dig the Uzair Jaswal look... think it was quite kool!
Chrís Dăn Jul 05, 2021 04:00pm
Alizeh Shah is looking the fabulous most.
funnyman Jul 05, 2021 04:02pm
Its one thing to indulge in the Anglophilia dominant in the Sub-Continent. Its another to indulge so much so that you fail to be indigenous and foreign simultaneously. As this article showed. even if we ignore the absolute disregard for Pakistan as a society, culture or fashion trends, these outfits were objectively horrible. And to those unaware, these are NOT outfits chosen on a whim, each outfit is designed by a contracted fashion artist who has paid these people to wear his/her made clothes as a means of brand exposure. These people are quite literally living mannequins and like mannequins its very fair to mock the clothes that drape the said mannequin. That is the whole point of fashion, just like fashion isnt for everyone, not everyone is for fashion as these "designers" so clearly displayed. They should have gone to a real fashion school for formal education instead of Instagram
Nadia Jul 05, 2021 04:11pm
Alas! What a shame, couldn’t muster your own style, btw eastern clothes are much much more refined, such deep rooted and great complexes we suffer from we have to borrow even style from foreign countries !
M. Saeed Jul 05, 2021 04:12pm
It is not a family approved style of a 20 years old girl to wear such exposing dresses, as Alizeh Shah wore.
nk Jul 05, 2021 04:32pm
Just reviewed it with all the shame and thinking that where we are heading.
Truth be told Jul 05, 2021 04:50pm
کوا چلا تھا ہنس کی چال اپنی بھی بھول بیٹھا Firstly all shown dresses are hideous but it does appear the article is written just because...
Truth be told Jul 05, 2021 04:55pm
@funnyman totally agree. Apparently this is the best they could do and it shows. But ain't it like this in every field? TV anchors, reporters, members of Parliament, PM; wherever you turn, you encounter sloppy work.
Nada Jul 05, 2021 05:14pm
@M. Saeed Why should she get approval from family? She is an actress an independent woman who can make her own decisions.
Nada Jul 05, 2021 05:17pm
@Chrís Dăn She is absolutely gorgeous but the dress is hideous and does nothing for her.
ST Jul 05, 2021 05:56pm
@truth be told .well said. And now neither they R kawa nor huns. Something else like UFO's
M. Saeed Jul 05, 2021 06:31pm
Dresses are means of covering, not exposing.
Waheed Noor Jul 05, 2021 07:00pm
Did they check with our Honorable. oft married, Prime Minister Mr Imran Khan Niazi if these dressed are Kosher? They are all showing bare shoulders thus tempting the animal instinct in men. They should be banned. They are against our culture.
SSA Jul 05, 2021 07:30pm
what a poor taste and cheap looks of the woman with black dress
ENGR Hamid Shafiq Jul 05, 2021 07:34pm
I personally ashamed when I read this whole article
well-wisher Jul 05, 2021 07:43pm
What is Pakistani about the dresses? NOTHING. So stop.
Anser Jul 05, 2021 07:50pm
Only Imran Khan looks good in all kinds of dresses! These souls look horrible in these beautiful clothes!
Sara Jul 05, 2021 07:59pm
None of these dresses represent the culture of Islamic republic of Pakistan.
Tarun Jul 05, 2021 08:26pm
Some outfits are great for hidden bombs
Zulfiqar Jul 05, 2021 08:43pm
Is there a height of wannabeness? These guys seem to have achieved it
Truth be told Jul 05, 2021 09:19pm
@well-wisher true that
Muz Jul 05, 2021 09:53pm
Love to these beautiful models in Pakistani dress. Haven’t seen any show with desi outfits.
nk Jul 05, 2021 11:15pm
@Waheed Noor Bare Brain or Mind will reflect many things and one is bare body.
Jo Jul 06, 2021 12:22am
Dressing up as westerner's shows disrespect for own culture and lifestyle. Showcase to the world the very best of traditional Pakistani dressware.
Irfan Huq Jul 06, 2021 06:31am
@Waheed Noor Is were the audience made up of all robots?
Taimur Malik Jul 06, 2021 07:48am
Rich for the moral high horse riders of Images to be criticizing people's appearances.
Ga Jul 06, 2021 09:08am
The idea should be to promote local fashion to the world. Not ape the West and come out looking like 'brown sahibs' of the British Raj days.
Armaan Jul 06, 2021 12:31pm
@Nada Ten litres of make up magic.
ambreen Jul 07, 2021 04:26am
Why was this show so controversial regarding womens outfits?At every award show everytime we see these ladies choose revealing gowns .Why cant they wear formal desi clothes that look so elegant or something that suits their personalities?
Chrís Dăn Jul 07, 2021 01:08pm
@ambreen why should they not wear what they wish to? Pakistan is on this planet and sharing the world-why not the clothes?
Chrís Dăn Jul 07, 2021 01:14pm
@Ga how much local fashion Princesses Kate could promote- all models combined can not do that favour. The secret there was very chic body and very elegently simple practicle eastern clothing. No one copied her. But thats the kind women can wear anywhere. Other than that pakistani dresses are heavy and impracticle for daily uses. Like China,JapanSinga Pore,Turkey,Malaysia,Uzbukestan and other ALL Asian countries,Pakistani women too like all Asian women should wear simple jeans and shirts.
Chrís Dăn Jul 07, 2021 01:15pm
@Jo all Asian countries women wear international dresses now such as jeans t shirts. So ?
haris Jul 07, 2021 05:52pm
My 3yr old kid's room is full posters, similar to the pictures hanging here.
Noor Jul 07, 2021 06:12pm
@M. Saeed Exactly
Ali Jul 08, 2021 01:53pm
I guess this is what bullying by news people must feel like. Bravo. Spare no one from your judgment.
ALLIABSOLUTIONS Jul 08, 2021 02:56pm
There is nothing wrong in wearing western dresses, its a step forward to open western markets to our Industry
Amir Shah Jul 08, 2021 04:25pm
Absolutely disgusting dress sense of some women, this is not modernism but simply vulgar and just following the western culture. Islam gives lots of respect to women and we whole heartedly agree with that but wearing inappropriate clothes in the name of freedom is not part of my culture and religion.
Jazz Jul 10, 2021 07:20pm
Reviews suggest that the more revealing the dress is for women, the higher its rating. If this isn't casual objectification of women, I don't know what is.
Nadir Jul 11, 2021 11:18am
@Nada oh boy, you and your independence.