YouTuber Zaid Ali T and his wife Yumna are going to have a baby boy

Published 23 Jun, 2021 11:31am

Images Staff

He made the announcement in a gender reveal video on YouTube, celebrating the event with family and friends.

YouTuber Zaid Ali T and wife Yumna Zaid have announced that they're bringing a little boy into the world, and they're clearly delighted to embrace parenthood.

The Canadian-Pakistani vlogger made the announcement in a YouTube video titled "Our baby gender reveal". The couple had decorated their home with balloons and props, surrounded by friends and family and were evidently over the moon.

The 25-year-old content creator had previously revealed that the couple is expecting on social media. Uploading a picture with his very pregnant wife on Instagram, he wrote, "Excited to start this new chapter of life with you."

The mother-to-be also posted a heartfelt note on social media.

Thanking everyone for their good wishes, she wrote, "Boy/girl, health/ability is all in Allah's hands. Every child should be loved and treated equally, regardless of their gender, ability, or skin colour!"

Speaking on the journey she's about to embark on of becoming a parent she said, "All children are a test for their parents and I pray that we are good parents to this baby and this baby grows to be a human being!"

We love seeing people excited to become parents and wish the couple the very best for their future!