The internet sensation Zaid Ali T is tying the knot - and there is zero chill.

Zaid posted on his Facebook page Wednesday night saying, "Allhamdulilah guys.. I am getting married in 18 days!!

As expected, many hearts were broken, because let's face it, he is quite the heartbreaker.

While we don't know who the lucky girl is, nor is he willing to reveal details about his marriage yet, in an interview with Images last year, Zaid told us said that his parents had no problem with him marrying the girl of his choice.

"My parents have told me I can marry whoever I want. I want to marry someone who's not related to the media and entertainment industry. I still think there's a long way to go. I mean, I'm only 21 years old. So I have a few years left at least. There's no arranged marriage or any problem like that."

However, when we asked whether he was looking for a girl here (while he was in Pakistan for some projects), he replied, "No, no (laughs). There are a lot of beautiful Pakistani girls here though."

Sorry, ladies.

However, we hope this time around he isn't playing a prank on us. If you remember, back in 2014, the YouTube sensation posted a picture with a friend, and captioned it: "Engaged :)"

The very next day, he updated the picture's caption and wrote: "Engaged :) Update: This was an April fools prank! I am actually not engaged."

And because many were so upset with his joke, he even posted a status update, confirming that it was all in good fun for April Fools Day.