I'm not inspired by anyone in the industry, says actor Komal Aziz Khan

Published 15 Jun, 2021 11:40am

Images Staff

For her, people who serve others without trying to earn brownie points are inspiring, such as Edhi and Adeeb Rizvi.

Actor Komal Aziz Khan took to Instagram on Monday for a Q&A session with her fans. During the session, she spoke about her life, aspirations as an actor and an entrepreneur, and had some advice for her younger fans.

The Ishq-e-Benaam star told fans that she’d be doing a Q&A and they didn’t disappoint with their questions. Fans were curious about her life as an actor and asked her who her inspiration was in the industry. “No one,” said Khan.

“I don’t understand what’s so inspiring about our Pakistani actors,” she said, commenting on the shallowness of it all. "Their looks, money, or readiness to make more money?" She admitted that she wasn't above this criticism either.

“My biggest inspiration [is] Edhi sahab, Adeeb Rizvi, and all such philanthropists. All the people who help humanity without posting it on Instagram,” she wrote, naming the founders of the Edhi Foundation and SIUT.

Her fans seem to believe that Khan displays exemplary strength. When they asked where she gets it from, she replied, "All the difficulties I faced in my life".

She elaborated on what she thought these struggles were. Surviving in a patriarchal society without a brother was one of the things, along with losing her father and not having enough money for a good education, yet managing to successfully get one.

Some of Khan's younger fans had more they wanted to learn from her. One approached her for career advice after A-Levels in a business-related field. This is the same field Khan studied.

"Try going to a good university abroad if you can," was her simplistic advice. She said that if you go to a local university, then it is important to do a lot of internships.

"Try not to memorise things and truly understand the concepts taught to you. Develop critical thinking skills. Read lots of books."

The Raaz-e-Ulfat star is also looked up to as an entrepreneur by her fans, who wanted to learn more about that side of her. How did you train your mind for the task, one asked.

"I have been training for it way before I started acting," she confessed, detailing how she entered the "business world" at 15, and started investing in gold at 18.

"I have a sound education in business from Pakistan and America. On top of that, I read all the top business books and watch lots of shark tank regularly. Business is my biggest passion," she wrote.

Lastly, her young female fans also asked her for some advice. "Get an education," was her advice.

She stressed the need to be financially independent, urging her fans to focus on learning a skill that can make them "good money." In addition, she said it's important to take care of yourself mentally as well as physically.

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