For Amna Ilyas, eating vegetables and having babies are productivity boosters

Published 24 Apr, 2021 03:38pm

Images Staff

She hosted a Q&A session on Instagram and answered our most burning questions with some jokes. At least, we hope she's joking.

You asked and model and actor Amna Ilyas answered in an Instagram Q&A session on Saturday afternoon.

The 7 Din Mohabbat In star answered questions of all sorts, check them out for yourself below!

On her Instagram Story, she put an 'ask me anything' box, and fans literally did ask her anything.

But first, here's Ilyas rocking the living daylight out of a saari.

Who better to ask for skin treatment advice? Though, we must admit, her response was suspiciously simple.

Pakistani students, of course, wanted to know if the actor shared their excitement on the cancelation of board exams.

(O and A Level students advised to look away)

Ilyas must seem like one of the happier people around because fans also looked to her for self-help advice. She, however, had a rather grim (and questionable) observation to share.

Then she was asked her least favourite thing about our local TV industry. Mediocrity, she said.

Her favourite thing though seemed to be Ishq Tamasha star Aiman Khan.

What's her secret to maintaining her productivity? Waking up early, she said, but the list got weirder with every successive item.

Eating vegetables, apparently, also works.

And...having a baby...

Yeah, we're as lost as you.

When asked about her hobbies, we're glad she stayed pandemic-friendly.

It's always good to see our celebrities interacting with the fans that made them stars in the first place. With their lives out there looking seemingly perfect, these actors are subject to much public curiosity and this time, just like every time, we're glad to know they're as human as you and I.