Iqra Aziz's doppelganger has her own sister confused

Updated 04 Jun, 2020 05:48pm

Images Staff

Can’t say we blame her; the resemblance between Iqra and Lebanese architect, Nour is uncanny!

Did someone say doppleganger?

Iqra Aziz's look-alike has caused a stir on social media, leaving many, including her very own sister Sidra Aziz, confused.

When Noor, an architect from Lebanon recorded a chirpy video singing in the car, she had no idea it would lead her straight to a twin, that too halfway across the world.

A startled Sidra took to Twitter to share the video.

"For a minute I thought.. but no, no this is another beautiful human being guys. Relax."

When another user pointed out the uncanny resemblance, the architect was humbled by the comparison.

"I googled her and wow, she’s gorgeous, thank you so much for the comparison, you’re too sweet," she responded.

"My fiance was almost convinced that i’m leading a secret double life after he saw Iqra’s photos, he’s still in shock."

So are we, Nour, so are we!