Fakhre Alam teases new military reality show 60 Hours to Glory

Fakhre Alam teases new military reality show 60 Hours to Glory

The 26-episode series will show a military competition with teams from around the world and will highlight soldiers' struggles.
Updated 04 Jun, 2021

Actor Fakhre Alam is up to something. In partnership with the ISPR, he's working on a new project that is being touted as the "first ever military reality show." The star announced that 60 Hours to Glory will air on Hum TV and PTV and was "one of the toughest and [most] exhausting filming projects of my career."

"It has been an honour to witness first hand the rigours of a soldier in a hostile, nerve wrecking, body shattering environment," he said.

The reality TV show is based on "one of the toughest military competitions" called the Pakistan Army Team Spirit, where the contestants will be eight local teams and four international teams. The local team that wins the competition will get a chance to represent the nation at the Cambrian Patrol, a competition hosted by the British Armed Forces where over 140 teams from the around the world come to compete. In the past, Pakistani teams have won the competition five times.

"The entire show is based on reality, no re enactments," Alam told Images.

"The show will showcase the training standards, vigour and determination of Pakistani soldiers. The show is meant to encourage Pakistani youth to see firsthand the life of adventure, commitment and extreme professionalism that military life offers," he explained.

The actor is very glad to be a part of the show, terming it something Pakistani audiences have never seen before. He believes he is playing an important role to highlight and experience the struggles of a soldier.

"To be able to witness PATS competition firsthand, up close and personal was an experience like no other. It made me realise that with the hard work, gruelling and rigorous training and mountain sized challenges comes a great adventure and every young man and woman in Pakistan can live this life."

Alam also spoke in detail of his appreciation of the Pakistani military. "I have always been proud of our armed forces and grateful for their service," he said of the opportunity to work with them.

It is unclear when the show will begin airing but whenever it does, episodes will be shown simultaneously on HUM TV and PTV. There will be 26 episodes.

Multiples teasers for the show have already been released.

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