Anyone who chants any racist statements does not represent me or my people, says Gigi Hadid

Anyone who chants any racist statements does not represent me or my people, says Gigi Hadid

Palestinians do not want this kind of support, she said of anti-semitism.
20 May, 2021

Model Gigi Hadid, along with her sisters Bella Hadid and Alana Hadid are at the forefront of the tiny Hollywood fraternity vocal against the atrocities sanctioned by the Israeli state on the Palestinian people and now they're using their voices to condemn anti-semitism in the name of the pro-Palestine movement.

"Anyone who chants any racist statements like 'kill the Jews' or 'death to Jews' is not Palestinian nor does he represent me or my people," fashion designer Alana wrote in a story on Instagram. Gigi then reshared the story.

"There have been a series of violent attacks on Jews all over the world including here in LA. Palestinians do not want this kind of support. No violence. Be better than the governments. We aim to change. No terror. The path to peace is paved in humanity. Not in my name," she added.

Gigi, who has been vocal about her support against the oppression and ethnic cleansing of people in Palestine, made sure to reiterate that any form of violence was detracting from their cause. Confusing Judaism and Zionism will lead to discrimination against an entire group of people, not all of whom support the terrorism taking place in Palestine.

Previously, Gigi's sister Bella raised a similar concern. She has been advocating for the right to a peaceful life for her people, attending protests and posting about the human rights violations on social media.

She reminded people that being pro-Palestine doesn't mean being anti-semitic. "As Muslims, we know too well what it feels like to be painted with the same brush as evil individuals who do not represent our views and way of life. So let’s not now use that same brush to pair ordinary Jews and the Israeli government in the same box," she urged.

Standing up for Palestine means standing against racism and bigotry in all its forms. Their struggle has no room for anti-semitism, violence or abuse. Their voices can and should be amplified through a focus on their persecution rather than directing the same energy on hating an entire religion.


Brownflower May 20, 2021 02:52pm
Now acting innocent. You have already ruined your small career in the fashion industry.
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Brownflower May 20, 2021 02:57pm
Well-known anti-Semites (the Hadids) have no place defining anti-Semitism.
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Pakman May 20, 2021 03:46pm
Completely agree Jews are not the enemies. Condemn and protest Israel state act of terror on occupation and eviction of Palestinians property, killing, maiming and imprison innocent men, women and children.
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LgbtqX May 20, 2021 04:11pm
What makes you think people represent you!!
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad May 20, 2021 04:30pm
Too little, too late.
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well-wisher May 20, 2021 05:47pm
Well said. It's the govt and its heartless leaders that should be condemned. Killing innocent people and children against any religion and humanity. The world must condemn Israel's high handedness towards Palestinian people. This has been happening for too long and must be stopped before the world peace is disrupted.
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Truth be told May 20, 2021 05:51pm
Money centered damage control though what she states is correct but what if the killing was in retaliation for wiping away entire families?
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