For a short while, Paris Hilton cared for dying children in Gaza

Published 18 May, 2021 01:36pm

Images Staff

The American socialite tweeted in support of Palestine, but deleted it in favour of a more 'neutral' sentiment.

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Socialite and media personality Paris Hilton has made yet another headline but perhaps not for something she wants to make headlines for. She voiced her support for Palestinian people as Israel ramps up attacks against the people of the occupied state, only to later delete her post and stand with "both sides".

The poster girl for the luck of birth made her initial tweet with a share of the Middle East Eye's report on a 10-year-old Palestinian victim of Israel's colonial aspirations. The victim in question was a girl who saw her neighbourhood struck by Israeli missiles, where eight children and two women died. She couldn't keep herself from tearing up while speaking of the tragedy.

"This hurts my heart," said Hilton. "No one should have to live in fear," she asserted, saying her heart goes out to the little girl and the other children around her.

The tweet was then taken down supposedly when the realisation that the powers that be might not appreciate her thought occurred, or more likely, revealed to her. She deleted the tweet, replacing it with this.

Criticism of this replacement of sentiments has since erupted on social media.

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, a Kuwaiti-American journalist, wondered why Hilton did so. He then answered his own question, regretfully admitting, "Because there is a consequence to supporting Palestinian dignity and right to life in the US."

Miqdaad Versi, a director for media monitoring at the Muslim Council of Britain, also wondered why the tweet was retracted.

Users used the incident as a reminder to just how significant celebrities talking about the matter is for mass awareness.

This user called the updated tweet 'hogwash'.

There is a cost to pay for speaking up against the Israeli state in the western world, it is clear. What is also clear is that notable westerners speaking on the matter is genuinely viewed as a threat by the Zionists, as made evident by the Israeli government's slander of Bella Hadid.