Israeli government targets Bella Hadid as she joins pro-Palestine protesters in NYC

Israeli government targets Bella Hadid as she joins pro-Palestine protesters in NYC

The chant "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!" was twisted into an anti-Semitic sentiment.
17 May, 2021

US model Bella Hadid marched in New York for the people of Palestine and against the Israeli state's ruthless atrocities. The Israeli state then tried to twist the protesters' slogans to claim anti-Semitism in yet another attempt to self victimise.

Hadid joined scores of protesters that rushed to the streets of Bay Ridge in New York City while wearing a traditional dress, a Keffiyeh and a face mask. She carried the flag of her country of origin, where an alarming number of innocent people have fallen victims to Israeli airstrikes and forced evictions.

Protests erupted in major Western cities — London, Paris, Rome, New York and Dallas to name a few — and a huge number of people from all walks of life, religions and nationalities united in solidarity for the Palestinian people. They demanded an end to the Israeli airstrikes, which have killed over 192 civilians so far.

The 24-year-old uploaded a post previously, of a protest she attended four years ago, saying "it has always been free Palestine. Always."

The controversy erupted when the State of Israel's official Twitter account figured the uproar against their narrative and actions was too loud to leave unaddressed. The weapon of choice — on a field where their F16s and F35s are worthless — were lies.

The Israeli state wrongfully slammed Hadid for making this an "Israeli-Palestinian" issue, when in reality it should be a "human issue".

"Shame on you," said the post.

They claimed that Hadid was chanting, along with other protesters, to "throw the Jews in the sea". The state attacking civilians inside homes, destroying journalists' offices and killing children was deeply hurt by a chant, a chant that wasn't even made.

"Where does she say this?" asked a user. "Second 22," replied the Israeli state account.

If you go to that mark, and listen closely, you'll know no one chanted for Jews to be thrown anywhere.

"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!" is the chant.

Guardian and BBC journalist Hicham Yezza hit back at the account, saying it is "deliberately promoting a vile and outrageous lie."

Sports journalist Dave Zirin, who is Jewish, regretfully noted, "telling big lies to demonise others has a horrific tradition in our Jewish history." He called their tactics a "shanda" and a "sin".

The fight is getting increasingly ugly with ruthless crimes against humanity being committed on ground, and vile lies and disinformation being spread online. The world, now more then ever, needs to come together for the cause, and seeing people gather for the movement for the people and state of Palestine is truly heartwarming.


Chrís Dăn May 17, 2021 01:21pm
The lady is fighting for humanity . Israel in its hysterical madness is ignoring many realities on ground.
Pursuit May 17, 2021 01:54pm
Israel is a terrorist country.
Pursuit May 17, 2021 01:55pm
India and Israel two terrorists sponsoring countries!
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad May 17, 2021 02:17pm
It's not only the shameless Israeli government which is targeting the US model Bella Hadid but the entire powerful, influential, penetrating and far reaching Jewish lobbies in the U.S. are also after her.
Aziza May 17, 2021 02:40pm
If anything it was the previous Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman who said: "All Palestinians should drown in the Dead Sea, and I can provide the buses!" This is the Nazi mind set behind the ongoing bombings of innocent Palestinian children, women and men while their land is being stolen from them!
Sami May 17, 2021 03:04pm
Isreal talking about human rights? Shame on Israel for killing children and women. Isreal will be eliminated soon.
Erum May 18, 2021 04:14am
History will be best judge of Israel. You can fool all of the people some of time; you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.
Ibrahim May 18, 2021 06:18am
Might is right
Hassan Sajjad May 19, 2021 09:33am
You're deliberately promoting a vile and outrageous lie. But you knew that already. Shame on you Israel.
Khalida Husain May 20, 2021 05:34am
Israel is not under attack! It is ruthlessly attacking the people of Gaza, who are living in an open air prison for years. Shame on Israel and its supporters for using Nazis tacktics on Gaza!