If you have a complicated relationship with your parents, Hania Aamir has a message for you

Published 10 May, 2021 05:14pm

Images Staff

The actor knows that a complicated relationship with one's mother can lead to them feeling bad on Mother's Day, and it's okay.

While Mother's Day is a wholesome and celebrated day for most, it might lead to feelings of remorse for people with strained relationships with their mothers. Hania Aamir understands this, given her fractured relationship with her father, and says it's okay to feel like this.

The actor uploaded a video to her Instagram, wishing her fans a happy Mother's Day, and sharing her thoughts.

"I'm sharing something very personal," she said. "My father is alive. Well and healthy, but we don't stay connected due to personal reasons. I don't feel the best on Father's Day because we don't speak with each other. I do love him, and can't imagine him not being in this world anymore," she said.

"Today's Mother's Day and I was thinking that there are so many people whose mothers have passed away, or maybe they don't talk, and I'd imagine all these posts would annoy them, make them feel bad and sad even," the Parwaz Hai Junoon actor said.

The actor admitted that perhaps she can't feel their pain. "I just wanted to come here and acknowledge that if you're going through something like this, I see you. And it's okay," she said.

While she struggled to recommend how people should behave in such a situation, or what they should do to make themselves feel better, she said on Father's Day, she just lets it pass.

"I'm here sending loads of love, and the warmest hugs," she said, asking for people to just hang in there. "You got this!" she added.

Relationships with parents are complicated, with all the love and care found in them, there's also a constant struggle that intensifies with age. People grow up to develop their own opinions, ideas and plans for themselves which might not always coincide with their parents' wishes, and that often leads to complications.

While there's no one-size-fits-all solution for such troubles, or the feelings that rise as a result, it's important to remember what you share. There's nothing like a parent's love for their children.

But in case you don't have a relationship with your parents, or you have a strained relationship, we want to echo Aamir's words, hold on and let it pass. You got this.