How did your favourite celebrities wish their mothers this Mother's Day?

How did your favourite celebrities wish their mothers this Mother's Day?

"Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, both here on Earth and up in Heaven," read Saboor Aly's post for her late mother.
10 May, 2021

Motherhood is an often thankless and always tiring full-time job. Whether you're 12 or 30 and fortunate enough to have your mother around, she's probably stressing over whether you had enough sehri at this very moment — such is the life of a mother.

While we should be celebrating mothers everyday, annual Mother's Day is when everyone unites to celebrate their mothers. And if, as you were scrolling through unsolicited though cute mom pics on your social media on Sunday, you found yourself wondering, "Hey, how are the celebrities doing it?" well, you're in the right place. We've put together a compilation of some mommy day wishes!

Shaan Shahid remembered his later mother as the hands that prayed for, guided and held him, thanking her for always being with him.

Singer Meesha Shafi also wished her mother on Twitter, acknowledging how her mother's star-studded acting career earns her appreciation everyday, though Shafi and her brother always have her all to themselves, and that she calls her blessing.

Actor Adnan Siddiqui noted the role mothers are playing in making pandemic life feel safer, and more comfortable.

The Rawalpindi Express called mothers, individually and collectively, "the world".

Singer Hadiqa Kiani uploaded adorable pictures with her mother, calling her "pyari ama". She celebrated her mother's life, acknowledging her gratefulness 'to be with her every day'.

Actor Imran Abbas called his mother his "jannat", uploading a picture of himself kissing her feet, saying he wishes to do so every day of his life.

Iqra Aziz's mother was a single parent, and completely self made. We previously learnt how she was, quite commendably, the first female Careem captain in Pakistan. Calling her a "khaas mother", she said she's blessed to have her as her mother. She is quite excited for the baby she and Yasir Husain recently announced they're expecting, even more excited to have her mother be its guardian angel.

"The fact that you are no longer here will always cause me pain but you're always in my heart," said Saboor Aly wishing a happy Mother's Day to all mothers on Earth and up in heaven.

Cricket presenter Zainab Abbas also uploaded a picture of herself with her mother, wishing a happy Mother's Day to her followers. Calling her the strong person she knows, she said her mother is where she derives all her strength from.

Ahsan Khan compared the comfort of having a mother to that of having a cool shade to rest in.

"Happy mother's day to this babe!" said Shaniera Akram of her mother, uploading a cute picture of her.

Some of our favourite celebrity mothers also took to social media to celebrate themselves, showing off what their little ones did to wish them, and make them feel special on this day.

Sarwat Gillani gave her children her motherly love and well wishes.

She even shared the adorable card she received, humbly admitting that she loves being a mom.

Syra Yusuf also shared the absolutely heartwarming card she received, claiming she's the best 'mim' in the world world. It's almost too cute.

Our hearts are so full. Mothers are warriors and they are heroes — we love seeing them be celebrated. How did you wish your mother?


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad May 10, 2021 12:54pm
Unlike the West, for the oriental land and people, every day is a mother's day.
AJ May 10, 2021 01:09pm
Good to 'showcase' Mother's day, but appreciating one's mother should be around the year. It should go beyond mere photo-ops for a day to post on social media like they do in the West.
Imran Haroon May 10, 2021 02:39pm
These celebrities are creating a culture where it’s only one day of the year as Mother’s Day. This is western culture where they send there parents to old people homes and see them once a year. It’s a shame what they are promoting.
Mac May 10, 2021 03:29pm
@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad, if this is the case then stop celebrating Mother’s Day.
NYS May 10, 2021 03:49pm
Me use to wish to present novelty items exotic by all means
Saif Zulfiqar May 10, 2021 06:29pm
On every happy occasion I used to touch my mother's feet and every month when I give my full salary to her she will kiss my hands and pray for my health and happiness. Used to make me very happy.