What did Wikipedia do to annoy Hania Aamir?

Updated 12 Feb, 2021 03:22pm

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Hint: It doesn't know her as well as it should.

Photo: Hania Aamir/Instagram
Photo: Hania Aamir/Instagram

If you want to know Hania Aamir's birthday you'd be better off not checking Wikipedia.

Aamir's birthday is February 12, 1997, which means she turned 24 years old today. But Wikipedia had listed her birthday as February 11. That has now been corrected but it still has misspelt her last name (it's Aamir with two As).

This annoyed Aamir enough to post a series of Instagram stories about it.

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"I need to make a small announcement ladies and gentlemen," she said in her video, explaining that her birthday was on Feb 12, not Feb 11 as Wikipedia claimed.

"Wikipedia has written the incorrect date for my birthday and one day, God willing, you will have to answer to Him about that," she said.

She warned people not to say anything "off" about her birthday on February 11, like ruining a surprise or telling her they couldn't make it. "I'll be very upset," she said.

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She also reminded everyone that her last name was spelt with two As. It's Aamir not Amir.

Wikipedia got that wrong too and still hasn't corrected it.

Put some respect on her name, Wikipedia!