Updated 07 May, 2021

Netflix has dropped a new promo for the fourth season for Stranger Things, and it's...strange. There are indications that Eleven, portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown, is trapped in a research lab, again.

In the show's signature gloomy, dark, greenish tones the scene opens to a camera lens, pointed at a couple of kids, dressed in hospital gowns and playing with toy cars. As suspense builds, we see a chess board, a disk drop, building block, and more kids — it's a creepy hospital play time. The scene goes on, till a man walks through the door, into the hall of the playing kids, kids that refer to him as 'papa'.

"Good morning, children," he says, and "Good morning, papa," the children reply in unison.

As the camera moves down a creepy tiled corridor outside the hall, with doors spread out like in a prison or an asylum, the man tells the kids "I have something very special planned for you today", and as they cheer him on, the camera stops and zooms in on a door labelled '11'.

“Eleven, are you listening?” he asks.

We already know this papa character, a scientist in the show, played by actor Matthew Modine. He is shown to conduct numerous tests on Eleven in the previous seasons, subjecting her to torture till she decides she's had enough. She breaks free, and gets away from the lab.

The upcoming season will be the fourth of the widely acclaimed and appreciated series, with the last season having debuted two years ago, in 2019. Season 3 ended on an unmistakable cliffhanger, with the supposed death of local sheriff Jim Hopper, played by actor David Harbour. However, in the trailer of the fourth season released in August last year, it was revealed, rather dramatically, that Hopper was still alive. How could this be?

Fans and followers are debating the meaning of the new teaser, analysing the entirety of its highly symbolic 70 second run time.

What do you think it means?


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Release date please.
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