05 May, 2021

Pakistani 'crystal artist' Sara Shakeel has been featured in the holy grail of fashion magazines — Vogue — for her art.

British Vogue, which Shakeel called her favourite, called her art — which was inspired by the magazine's own recent cover shoot of Billie Eilish — a dazzling tribute to the seven-time Grammy winner.

London-based Pakistani genius Shakeel is an excitingly experimental and original artist, using digital media techniques to work with sparkling crystals and impactful images, creating compelling visual treats that make the thumb stop scrolling and the eyes widen. Her latest work, which got her the appreciation, was her recreation of Eilish's recent cover shoot. She made three pieces, layered on three of Eilish's pictures from the shoot, and each command attention.

When people over at the British Vogue came across these beautiful creations, they reached out to Shakeel, and we don't blame them.

"Little did I know, my love and mad respect for Billie Eilish would land me an interview with one of my favourite magazines!" said an ecstatic Shakeel as she announced the publishing of her interview, declaring it an unexpected occurrence.

"[Sara Shakeel] continued the theme of transformation by doing what she does best: making the pop star sparkle. Literally.

"The process took three hours of non-stop digital rhinestoning, using new swirling effects befitting Billie's reinvention," reported the magazine of her art.

The magazine spoke to Shakeel in great depth, covering her work and her journey through the years. About her creative approach, they said it is "anything but elitist." They spoke of her sideline @glitterstretchmarks to justify their claim, where the artists celebrates stretch marks, in a bid to 'heal through art'.

Billie Eilish's British Vogue cover shoot

Eilish is known for her own signature style, which is baggy and comfortable, often intending to keep her body hidden, literally from unwanted gazes, and metaphorically from public gossip. It has still, however unfortunately, not kept her free of scrutiny. Her baggy clothing choices became the talk of the town, and when she herself spoke about it, it raised her to the level of becoming a face, of sorts, for movements championing body shaming and positivity.

Her shoot for British Vogue was striking, as the 19-year-old American pop sensation posed in tight-fitting clothes, stunning in a corset and lingerie, in a shoot inspired by mid-20th century pin-ups. The picture, uploaded to Eilish's Instagram, broke the record for the fastest picture to reach a million likes, achieving the feat in just six minutes.


Chrís Dăn May 05, 2021 06:18pm
Incredibly gorgeous.
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Zak May 05, 2021 07:14pm
Pakistani 'crystal artist' Sara Shakeel has been featured in the holy grail of fashion magazines — Vogue — for her art. Congratulations Sara. Pakistan has proven that they have the best and most dynamic artictic talent in the world. They achieve international fame and make the country proud.
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za May 05, 2021 07:47pm
Is it wise to compromise culture and religion to get name & fame?
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Ahmed Khan May 05, 2021 09:37pm
Good job!
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Tea is Fantastic !!! May 05, 2021 11:09pm
@za here comes a social police !!!!
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Naeem May 06, 2021 10:38am
@za She is London based and a part of British culture. She has shown remarkable talent and creativity and deserves the recognition she is getting.
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HashBrown® May 06, 2021 03:52pm
@za "Is it wise to compromise culture and religion to get name & fame?" Is it wise to judge other people for their views on religion or culture instead of minding your own business?
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