Singapore government releases catchy new song encouraging Covid vaccinations

Published 04 May, 2021 03:06pm

Images Staff

"Singapore don’t wait and see, better get your shot. Steady pom pi pi," says comedian Gurmit Singh. But what's a "pom pi pi"?

Singaporean actor and comedian Gurmit Singh partnered up with the city nation's government to give us the best vaccination song we've heard. It's colourful, energetic and disco, so we urge you get your shot, steady pom pi pi!

The song features Singh with co-star Irene Ang, with the two engaging in a back-and-forth rap battle on vaccinations. The on-screen couple are popular in their homeland, having starred as husband and wife in the super-hit show Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd. The sitcom ran for 11 years and had 73 episodes. In its heyday, it won the best comedy programme award at the Asian Television Awards for six consecutive years from 1998 to 2003.

Singh dressed up as his very recognisable character Phua Chu Kang, sporting bling-bling jewellery, yellow wellington boots and fake curly hair — the whole shebang, essentially.

The song has a straightforward intention, to get the citizens to get themselves vaccinated. It addresses their fears of the virus, its deathly consequences, and their nervousness about the vaccine and allergic reactions etc. We think more countries could do with anti-Covid anthems and celebrity endorsements because they're a fun way to spread awareness.

The song is fun and energetic due to its lyrics, using a commendable range of Singlish (Singaporean-English) slang to make the song catchy. The chorus goes, "Singapore don’t wait and see, better get your shot. Steady pom pi pi." Steady pom pi pi is understood to be a catchphrase for Singh's character in the show, and was instantly recognised by the local viewers.

What does it mean? You're not the only one wondering. Here's a Singaporean describing it.

The actor released another song a year ago, also in association with the government, to help Singaporeans combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

We're jamming and jabbing and hope you do the same!