Pakistan's senior celebrities are getting vaccinated and couldn't be happier

Published 25 Mar, 2021 04:17pm

Images Staff

Ignore anyone who tells you not to get the vaccine, says Anwar Maqsood.

The Covid-19 vaccination drive is in full swing across Pakistan and a number of older Pakistani celebrities have already gotten the jab.

Social media is full of photos and videos of celebrities being given the vaccine. Although our stars were wearing face masks while getting the shots, it’s hard not to notice how cheerful and satisfied they seem throughout the whole process. We're proud of them for leading the way!

Here’s actor Behroze Sabzwari after his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Actor Bushra Ansari is really relishing her senior citizen status.

Actor Javed Sheikh was all praises after getting his shot.

Actor Simi Raheal was super happy about her ‘no fuss jab in the arm’.

Playwright and satirist Anwar Maqsood said you should ignore anyone who says not to get the vaccine. How can we not listen to him?

Actor Samina Peerzada got her first dose of the vaccine shot too.

And so did veteran actor Talat Hussain.

Let’s not forget that actor, director and producer Zia Mohyeddin got his shot as well.

Though she's far from 60, actor Armeena Khan was able to get her vaccination in the UK, where she currently lives.

Reema isn't 60 yet either but she got the vaccine in the US, where she lives with her family.

In case you're wondering why the Arts Council of Pakistan has been posting so many videos and pictures of celebrities being vaccinated, it's because it's a vaccination centre.

Why everyone is getting vaccinated

Covid-19 can pose life threatening complications and getting the vaccine helps to ensure that you and your loved ones build immunity against the dangers of the disease.

The vaccination drive for people above 60 years old began in Pakistan on March 10. People are being encouraged to register themselves, their parents or elders and get vaccinated against Covid-19. In case you don't know how, don't worry, it's super simple.

Senior citizens who are aged 60 and above can send their CNIC numbers to 1166 via SMS or use the NIMS website for registration. Your vaccination centre and date will be communicated to you via SMS.

Senior citizens who are aged 70 and above can send their CNIC numbers to 1166 and will receive a PIN code. They can also walk in to the nearest vaccination centre and get vaccinated on the spot.

For registered healthcare workers, the vaccination date and centre will be communicated via SMS. For more information on the vaccination process, you can visit the NCOC website.

Remember everyone, stay safe, stay masked and get vaccinated!