Bilal Maqsood remembers the first time he met Amjad Sabri

Published 30 Apr, 2021 04:17pm

Images Staff

"It was an experience I can never forget. 20 days after the performance, we heard the most tragic news."

Former Strings member Bilal Maqsood spoke about the first time he met the late qawwal Amjad Sabri in an emotional post.

Taking to social media, the Mera Bichhra Yaar singer honoured Sabri's memory in a message full of love, respect and sorrow.

"Had the privilege of working with this amazing artist and human. He was always full of life and energy. I remember the first time we met — he had come to see and approve Tajdar-e-Haram rendered by Atif," he wrote.

"Ten mins into our first meeting we were talking as if we were best friends. Then we called him for Rang in Coke Studio season nine," he remembered fondly.

He then spoke about how the memory stayed with him years later.

"Along with Rahat Fateh Ali, Amjad Sabri created magic that night. It was an experience I can never forget. Twenty days after the performance, we heard the most tragic news. It was the 16th of Ramzzan when he left us for his eternal abode."

Sabri's was killed on June 22, 2016 when armed assailants opened fire at him while he was on the way from his home in Liaquatabad to a television studio.

Sabri is credited with making the qawwali musical style accessible to Pakistan's youth. He was a sought-after performer for large-scale events in Pakistan, like the annual Lux Style Awards and cultural exchange programme, Shaan-e-Pakistan.