Ali Gul Pir's parody of Hina Altaf and her anday wala burger is hilarious and she thinks so too

Published 21 Apr, 2021 01:13pm

Images Staff

Altaf appeared on Good Morning Pakistan to discuss her missing food.

Rapper and comedian Ali Gul Pir's latest Ramazan video focuses on Hina Altaf and the case of her missing anday wala burger.

It all started when the Kasa-e-Dil actor appeared on Nida Yasir's morning show Good Morning Pakistan and spoke about buying food that was mysteriously going missing at home. The audience found it both relatable and slightly awkward.

However, the real winner was Pir's parody of her and his expressions, which truly had us in fits.

Altaf enjoyed the video too and posted a video of herself being a great sport, laughing and praising the comedian for a job well done.

People echoed the sentiment.

While this one was lighthearted fun, Gul Pir often uses his comedy to highlight heavy issues, including gender based violence and verbal street harassment.

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