For Zoya Nasir and Christian Betzmann, the HSY Mansion in Karachi is very special

Published 23 Apr, 2021 01:08pm

Images Staff

Their love story began there and they have bracelets to celebrate it.

Photo: Zoya Nasir/Instagram
Photo: Zoya Nasir/Instagram

Designer HSY's Karachi studio and home, dubbed the HSY Mansion, is very special to Zoya Nasir and Christian Betzmann.

It's where they first set eyes on each other and now they're back to get their wedding clothes made at the same studio.

The couple made these revelations in an Instagram Story posted to HSY's page.

Three years ago HSY's collection Mohabbat Nama was launched at his mansion in Lahore and Nasir attended the show. The exact same date three years later, she stands at the HSY Mansion getting her bridal clothes made, she said.

What's even more poetic is that a year and a half ago, she and Betzmann first saw each other at the HSY Mansion in Karachi. "And we are wearing these bracelets. It has the coordinates where we first met which is the HSY Mansion in Karachi," she explained. In the background the person taking the video (most likely HSY himself) lets out a big aww. Aww indeed.

The couple announced their engagement in February 2021 with a stunning series of beach pictures.

Betzmann made headlines in Pakistan when he announced he had converted to Islam. He's a German travel vlogger

Nasir is a makeup artist turned actor. She made her debut in ARY Digital’s Hania in 2019. and has also starred in Deewangi and most recently Zebaish.