Aiman Khan defends husband Muneeb Butt after Hina Altaf calls him a bad actor

Aiman Khan defends husband Muneeb Butt after Hina Altaf calls him a bad actor

Even Hania Amir had something to say about the difference between constructive criticism and demeaning others
Updated 13 Jul, 2019

Pakistani audiences love Hina Altaf and Aiman Khan for their bubbly personalities but looks like that's where the similarities between the two ends.

The former appeared on a new talk show, To Be Honest hosted by Tabish Hashmi and was asked to pick an actor who does not know how to act but is still proud and conceited.

To that, the VJ-turned-actress abruptly replied Muneeb Butt, who also happens to be Aiman Khan's husband.

Her response did not go down so well with the twin sisters, who were the first ones to take to social media to rant about why artists enjoy making fun of each other.

First, Aiman posted on Facebook: "Shame on these people for making fun of their colleagues. Such uneducated host and guest, I must say."

Sister Manal also jumped to her side with a post saying: "Why do we hate each other so much? Such uneducated host and guest!"

Soon after, Hania Amir also shared her two cents on the matter via Instagram stories: "Being an actor or even working in any field of life you would know what goes on behind the camera, all the hardwork one has to put in to get a job done, the hustle behind it. Demeaning somebody's work (good or bad) just for kicks is low. As low as it gets."

Another celebrity to voice her opinion is actress and model, Faiza Khan, who said: "One should not laugh and make fun over fellow actors acting. As far as acting is concerned, I would say Muneeb Butt is a brilliant actor. I worked with him for Zee TV Middle East with our neighborhood actors, they also praised Muneeb Butt a fine young actor from Pakistan."

Funnily enough, when the twins had appeared on Yasir Hussain's The After Moon Show, Hussain had asked Aiman which one of the three actors needs acting classes: Saboor Aly, Iqra Aziz and Hina Altaf, to which she had replied Hina.

We think all the incessant trolling is a little uncalled for. Celebrities are routinely asked for their opinion and if this is Hina's, there's nothing wrong with that. We all watch Karan Johar ask such hard-hitting questions during his rapid fire rounds on Koffee with Karan and people from within Bollywood take what their peers say with a pinch of salt.

The viral video also shows the host not knowing who Muneeb was before being pointed out by Altaf that he was the same actor whose luxurious hashtag wedding went on for days.

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