Missing your loved ones this Ramazan? Shaniera Akram knows how you feel

Missing your loved ones this Ramazan? Shaniera Akram knows how you feel

The philanthropist expressed her longing for her husband, and her wish for everything to get back to normal.
14 Apr, 2021

Philanthropist Shaniera Akram took to Instagram to lament the physical distance between her and her husband, cricket legend Wasim Akram. She took the opportunity to also pass on her prayers to others finding themselves in similar positions of longing, suffering or struggle this Ramazan.

The Akrams don't seem to be enjoying the distance between them. "145 days we have been apart! The longest ever," she wrote.

Shaniera has been in Melbourne for the past 145 days, while Wasim — who only yesterday was revealed to be among the initial inductees of PCB's hall of fame, alongside Imran Khan, Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad, Waqar Younis and Hanif Mohammed — has been busy in Karachi, keeping an eagle eye out for pollution along the city's coast.

She said she believed that "this world will end its suffering soon", noting there are people who have lost more than she has. She prays everyone gets vaccinated so that life can go back to normal.

"My prayers to those during this Holy month of Ramadan who are suffering, struggling, in longing or sadly saying goodbye to loved ones," she wrote in her lengthy post.

Towards the end of the post she expressed her desire to help Pakistan as much as she can and said she will do her best to be a good mother and citizen all the way from Melbourne.

Wasim also commented on the post saying, "Hey love, missing my girls so much."

The pandemic has made for a very strange Ramazan and we expect an even stranger Eid. Though we aren't all able to be with our families, we should still follow SOPs and get vaccinated so that eventually, we can celebrate with our loved ones again.