Rohail Hyatt and Jawad Ahmad fight over PM Imran Khan's rape apologist comments

Updated 12 Apr, 2021 03:45pm

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"I just can’t stand hypocrites," Ahmad said as Hyatt insisted the premier's words were taken out of context.

Prime Minister Imran Khan's statement concluding that temptation and vulgarity could be blamed for rape has become a national topic for debate and the latest people to get into a fight over his comments are former Vital Signs member Rohail Hyatt and singer Jawad Ahmad.

The mother of the premier's children, Jemima Goldsmith, also weighed in on his words and expressed her disappointment but there were many who rushed to the prime minister's defence, including composer Hyatt, who said that's not what the prime minister meant.

Hyatt announced on social media that he believed people had taken the premier's words out of context, as he defended him against his statements, calling them a check with Pakistan's ground realities.

"I believe Imran Khan's words have been taken out of context and a big ruckus created by the so-called champions of freedom and liberty. He’s clearly condemning rape and giving a message that going out of the boundaries of modesty invites trouble, and who can deny this fact?" he wrote.

The record producer then added that he agreed that there was sickness out there, claiming that as a father, he too would give the same advice to his child to be mindful of how he/she dresses in our society, not because he was putting the blame on the victim, but because he cared about the safety of the person the advice was being given to.

"He’s not saying it's justified! As a leader he’s simply speaking to us about the ground realities of what is around us. Yes indeed there is a sickness out there and one can contest if the better solution is to target the oppressor as opposed to the oppressed," he wrote.

The comments did not sit well with singer Jawad Ahmad, who called him "stupid" for his explanation.

"Why are you talking stupid? Will you tell us which dresses are modest and which are not? Will you get into your child’s wardrobe and point out which dress once worn would keep her safe in the society? What if a dress you choose is still disapproved by majority?" he questioned, telling the composer not to justify rape.

The duo then got into an argument, with the Samjhawan singer concluding that Hyatt's was just juggling words.

"Like I said you are just wasting your time in fallacy of language and jugglery of words. I never judge anyone except the hypocrites. Those I just can’t stand," he said.

The argument then grew heated as Ahmad believed the ex-Coke Studio producer was confusing people who actually needed clarity regarding the situation.

"You are confusing people over a simple thought but serious matter," he said, reminding Hyatt that he shouldn't be justifying rape. "I’m a political person. I want to change this country for the well being of 90% its poor people. It's very important to give them clarity of thought than confusing them," he added.

Eventually, he rested his case by posing the same question towards Prime Minister Imran.

"Which dresses would he like women/girls of Pakistan to wear to look modest enough to minimise the chance of getting raped by men who can not control themselves?" he asked. That's something we would all like to know.