Hamza Ali Abbasi advocates modesty for both men and women after PM Imran’s statement

Published 09 Apr, 2021 02:40pm

Images Staff

"No matter what anyone is dressed like or behaves like, unconditionally lower your gaze and guard your modesty."

Hamza Ali Abbasi always has a lot to say — and with the announcement that he will now be devoting his life to the teachings of religion — it comes as no surprise when the Alif star's social media (Twitter in specific) was updated with some self-reflections following the prime minister’s recent ill-received comments.

Prime Minister Imran Khan's speech spread over the internet like wildfire and netizens were furious that he blamed temptation and vulgarity for rape. Abbasi has expressed his loyalty to the premier and his vision a number of times, but this time it seems that even he can’t defend the prime minister.

"Random thought: In my personal understanding, God has made it clear in the Quran that sexual instinct is one of the most powerful instincts in both men and women. Hence, God emphasizes on overall modesty and responsible behavior from both men and women, equally, in this particular area," he said.

"Speaking as a man, in my understanding of what I believe is literal speech of God, Quran, God has very clearly told all MEN who say they are Muslims that no matter what anyone is dressed like or behaves like, unconditionally lower your gaze and guard your modesty," he added. So while he didn’t actually say he disagreed with PM Imran, as many, many people have done, he did clarify that men need to lower their own gazes, no matter what anyone else is wearing.

Abbasi is currently in the process of writing a book. In a previous announcement, he had said it would "obviously be about God" and was expected to be completed by June 2021.

He also let everyone know that he would be making numerous videos for his YouTube account, all discussing various topics related to religion and faith. "You can agree or disagree with what I have to say but please don't doubt my intentions or try to make up an agenda for me," said the now ex actor. "Whatever I'll be saying will be from my heart."