06 Apr, 2021

The prime minister spoke to the nation on Sunday, and not everyone liked what he had to say.

Since then, scores of people — several of whom are familiar names — have taken to the internet to voice their opinions about the prime minister's statements. While the premier got support from some quarters, many were heavily critical. Some even expressed fear and nervousness at the reality of having a man with such opinions being at the pinnacle of power in Pakistan.

The content of the premier's speech has spread over the internet like wildfire, and the main takeaway was that temptation and vulgarity can be blamed for rape.

Activist and politician Jibran Nasir kept it simple. He pointed out where he found the flaws in the premier's statement, and made the case that 'power imbalance' and not 'temptations' lead one to commit such a heinous crime as rape.

Academic and activist Ammar Ali Jan shared this sentiment, but his words touched a nerve. Our greatest tragedy is that we refuse to learn lessons from our tragedies, he wrote, hopefully awakening public conscience.

Lawyer Reema Omer made it stupid friendly. She listed down her thoughts to make an easy to follow and digestible version of what should probably be obvious. Thanks, Reema.

Other Twitter users echoed the thought.

One user thought it was time we forwent myths about rape, and prioritised putting an end to rape culture.

Users didn’t like the PM’s moralising and how it seemed that he hoped to impose his own morals on everyone else.

We hope that the Twitter savvy prime minister takes a looks at the tweets about his speech and takes note — many citizens of Pakistan didn’t appreciate what you had to say.