Saba Qamar has always been one to wear her heart on her sleeve, and her latest episode Chingaariyan is about a love story left incomplete.

Announcing that the episode was an ode to the first year anniversary of her YouTube channel, as well as her birthday, she revealed the episode on her social media, calling it one that was "close to her heart."

"I've put my sweat, blood, heart and soul into this project, I really hope that this story connects with you all exactly like I felt it while doing this!" she said.

Captioned 'Life Goes On', she also mentioned that the episode starred a few of her favourite lines from the seven-member South Korean boy band BTS' song.

"Using my very own favourite quotation from the band BTS in the end, heartiest thanks to them for the evergreen Life Goes On because it actually goes on, no matter what," she said.

The video, which is five minutes long, features a special appearance from Qamar's Cheekh co-star Emmad Irfani, with the vocals for the melody lent by Mustafa Zahid and music composed by Saad Sultan.

Qamar launched her YouTube channel during the lockdown and created space for some much-needed conversations. She has spoken about mental health, such as depression, as well the struggles of female celebrities being on the receiving end of awkward interview questions.

On April 2, Qamar experienced her own heartbreak and announced she was no longer engaged, citing personal reasons behind her split with entrepreneur Azeem Khan.