Dale Steyn and Azam Khan's wholesome friendship has PSL fans more depressed than ever

Dale Steyn and Azam Khan's wholesome friendship has PSL fans more depressed than ever

All it took was a Coldplay song to hit us right in the feels.
05 Mar, 2021

The PSL is over and the foreign players are going home soon but people still aren't over how it ended. A video of South African cricketer Dale Steyn and rookie Azam Khan bonding over music has everyone ever more upset that they're missing out on cute moments like this.

The PSL was postponed on March 4 and much has been said about the whys and the hows the cancellation, but officially, all we know is that seven players tested positive for the coronavirus and the PCB decided to postpone the tournament.

The duo, who both played for the Quetta Gladiators this season, went live on Steyn's Instagram account and Azam sang Coldplay's Yellow while strumming along on his guitar.

An adorable bonding situation ensued and people loved it. For them, it showed the other side of the PSL — the friendships and bonds forged after weeks of playing together.

We would rate it 10/10 for wholesome content.

In fact, some even said love was in the air.

Some thought he might be Asim Azhar, and honestly, we can see it. Have you ever seen them in a room together?

Overall, people were dying over their friendship.

Where's the captain at?

Some were gunning for the PCB for depriving them of future cute moments.

Azam is the son of cricketer Moin Khan and is making a name for himself in the league. He's 22 years old and is already a power hitter.

And his love for Steyn isn't new.

Hopefully we'll get to see even more wholesome moments between the pair next PSL.


Zulfiqar Mar 06, 2021 01:38am
Azam Khan is very talented batsmen. If he can lose weight he’ll probably play for Pakistan. Steyn is a legend.
Hadi Mar 06, 2021 02:38am
I love the PSL.
Riaz Mar 06, 2021 07:59am
It is moments like these faith in humanity returns in a crazy world we live in. Fantastic moment between legend SA fast bowler one of the best and Azam. Steyn is a very decent guy having watched him from close quarters when i stayed at the same hotel as SA team in Sri Lanka...treasured moments.
Mike Mar 06, 2021 11:31am
And all this time, I thought Steyn's "Best friend " was Hafeez! Hafeez is also a Friend of Mitchell Starc (sarcasm).