Updated 04 Mar, 2021

Humaima Malik just opened up about wishing she could cover her head all her life.

In a social media post, the Bol actor shared a picture with friend and former actor Noor Bukhari, praising her for the guidance and penning down words of appreciation that came straight from her heart.

"There are very few people in life who expect nothing from you but your own good! Noor you are so noorani meri pyaari Noori, may Allah bless you always and forever," Malik posted.

She then thanked her for the scarf, saying a little prayer of motivation for herself and asking fans to do the same.

"Thank you for this beautiful gift, I loved wearing this scarf. May Allah add me in His loved ones and give me strength to carry hijab all my life," she said, with the hashtags "praysforNoor" and "prayforme".

Earlier, Malik's brother Feroze Khan also turned towards religion. He later revealed his reasons for returning to showbiz after distancing himself from the industry.

"My Sheikh, he has ordered me that I can't quit showbiz," he had said, adding that he believes the industry is a source of paighaam [message] from one place to another.

"He also told me that I needed to be at this place. I have to do something out of this, I have to make something out of this. So i'm reading into a lot of scripts, looking into a lot of scripts — I may act, I may produce, but i'm here," he informed fans and followers.