I just don't ever want to be with an actor, says Mahira Khan

I just don't ever want to be with an actor, says Mahira Khan

Superstar talks about her dream of working with Shahrukh Khan and what comes with being her.
01 Mar, 2021

Former VJ, television host, actor and superstar known for her stellar acting and huge fan following across the globe, Mahira Khan reflected on what it's like to be an actor — and everyone's favourite.

Speaking on the talk show Hello! Mira Sethi, the star opened up about what it was like to be on set and how her journey in the industry has really been.

She said once she's on set, her entire focus is her character and role alone but revealed that she believes no one really knows the 'real' her. This is probably why she is also convinced that any star who has admitted to liking her is probably just infatuated with the idea of her.

"I would always say, you like the idea of me," she added. "And I always had this thing that I just don't want to be — ever — with an actor. So I never allowed myself to go there....yeah. I think that's what it was.

"I consider myself very fortunate that I can do this, do what I dreamt of as a child," she added, grateful for the opportunities life had presented to her. Mahira revealed that working with King Khan topped that list.

"When I was small I had only one dream — two actually, but one big dream that I want to do a film with Shahrukh Khan. I would calculate how old I would be, what the age difference would be, if he would still be working etc, and I would say I will do only one film — only one — and that will be with Shahrukh Khan.

"I have truly been one of those one in a million people who achieved their dream which was not only that I wanted to act, but also this childhood dream that I had. However, no one tells you that with every dream there is a price attached to it," she said.

The Ho Mann Jahan actor also added how she understands that if she doesn't show up to work one day, too many people attached to her work would suffer.

"So that is what comes with being me, and I try to understand that. Because I always say this — when I had absolutely nothing, I had my work. To be able to get up and say I can live with my life, I had a little baby in my arms, and I knew I could only do this because this work could support me."