Pak-Turk friendship is thriving in Istanbul and we're living vicariously through the Instagram posts

Pak-Turk friendship is thriving in Istanbul and we're living vicariously through the Instagram posts

'You came to meet us in Karachi, so we're here to welcome you to Istanbul,' Ertugrul's Celal Al posted.
Updated 26 Feb, 2021

With Ertugrul fever in Pakistan as fresh as ever, local celebrities are thriving off some great collaborations and fun-filled travels to Turkey as the two countries talk friendship and entertainment.

The latest pictures to trend on social media are of Imran Abbas with actor Celal Al, who gained popularity for portraying the role of Abdul Rahman Alp in Ertugrul.

"Thank you brother Celal Al for coming over to see me and moreover bringing this Turkish delight. Love you bro!! Long live Pakistan Turkey brotherhood!" the Dil-e-Muztar actor posted.

The Ertugrul star, who was previously blown away by the hospitality of his Pakistani hosts, replied with more even love.

"You came to meet us in Karachi, so we're here to welcome you to Istanbul," he posted in Urdu.

"Hello and welcome all my Muslim brothers who are from India and Pakistan," he captioned the post, posting some wholesome pictures with Humayun Saeed, Sadia Khan, Kashif Ansari, Adnan Siddiqui and Reema Khan — as the team talks production of Turk-Lala, in the capital.

However, this wasn't the first time Abbas was welcomed whole-heartedly in Turkey. Last year, Ertugrul star Cem Ucan, who played Aliyar Bey in the historical drama series, seemed to have bonded with him over a game of pool in Istanbul.

Abbas' visit isn't the only one to commemorate the strong ties shared between popular names from the two entertainment industries.

Previously, Adnan Siddiqui had also visited the tomb of Ertugrul Ghazi, enjoying lunch and exchanging gifts with one of the makers of Erturgrul.

As for us? We're out here vicariously living through their travels.


Basit Ali Feb 26, 2021 02:57pm
Hilarious Pak_Turkish Friendship
AAA Feb 26, 2021 03:07pm
When inflation hitting rocket high, when economy is in turmoil, all that left is focus on propaganda that we are building good relationship with world, PM goes to SL, COAS meeting with envoys, artist going to TK, nice.
MG Feb 26, 2021 03:39pm
What is a big deal here?
Pakistani in New Zealand Feb 26, 2021 03:43pm
One of my best friends in High School in Dubai was from Turkey.
Roma Feb 26, 2021 04:22pm
Turks have mostly forgotten this serial but Pakistanis won’t let them.
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Feb 26, 2021 04:24pm
Great to see friendship between the two nations. We should encourage tourism in both countries. So that we can enjoy culture and beauty of both great nations.
Zaidhaq Feb 26, 2021 04:33pm
First the Saudis and now the Turks are exploiting Pakistan's inferiority complex. We should develop our own pride and not by association
Thinking Feb 26, 2021 04:40pm
Hello and welcome all my Muslim brothers who are from India and Pakistan Muslim brothers in pak and India. So much brotherhood based on iron brother , one turkey brother, one arab brother ( who don't even recognise them as muslims)
Maria Feb 26, 2021 05:11pm
Good PR. But now its going overboard.
KAZIM REZA Feb 26, 2021 05:53pm
Like 'Sultan Solaiman', 'Ertugrul' fever is a favorite tv opera in Bangladesh among the viewers. Many Bangladeshi people now days say 'Alhamdulillah' if they get a good news. When a close friend or relative pass about any wish, or expectation to the counterpart he or she reply with 'Ameen.' Previously,these were treated as if under the domain of strict religious activities.Turkish TV series create the right sense among the countries that these are the part of culture.
LgbtqX Feb 26, 2021 05:57pm
Turkey is a collapsing state.
D’Souza Feb 26, 2021 06:11pm
Great friendship. I recently watched a video of a bunch of Pakistani boys wielding wooden swords play acting massacring infidels, citing ertagul
Chrís Dăn Feb 26, 2021 06:23pm
Refreshing photographs.
jaredlee007 Feb 26, 2021 06:24pm
Too much hype to Pak-Turk relationshiop.
well-wisher Feb 26, 2021 07:45pm
Keep the friendship going because that's what matters in the end.
Zak Feb 26, 2021 08:06pm
Turks ruled Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. It was an enlightened rule.
Zak Feb 26, 2021 08:07pm
@Basit Ali Hilarious Pak_Turkish Friendship' Jealous on this as well. Pathetic.
C T Rao Feb 26, 2021 08:28pm
Birds of a feather
N_Saq Feb 26, 2021 08:49pm
Modi and Modi Bakhts must be burning after reading this article.
Abs Feb 26, 2021 09:18pm
Excellent, be friends with all nations.
Hansoti sh Feb 26, 2021 10:20pm
@Basit Ali sharing caring humor is the mortar & the people are the bricks in that revivifying edifice
Sami Feb 27, 2021 12:25am
Can you please get this not Pakistani looking Imran Abbas off the screen and give chance to average Pakistani looking guys, this obsession with white skin and colored eyes is the reason we are not respected anywhere in the world not even in our own country
RationalBabu Feb 27, 2021 02:18am
@Zak best to shift to Turkey then, that is if they let you in!
RationalBabu Feb 27, 2021 02:19am
@N_Saq no need to, you deserve each other!
Vipin . Feb 27, 2021 03:21am
@N_Saq Don't worry. You guys are fan of Turkish drama and their actors but Turkish and their actor are actually fan of Indian cinema(like other parts of world). Just go to youTube and check how Aamir khan who went to Turky for shooting received so much attention that even Turkish President's wife called him and told him how much she liked 3 idiots
shubs Feb 27, 2021 04:54am
@N_Saq "Modi and Modi Bakhts must be burning after reading this article." Are we in middle school?
Imran Feb 27, 2021 10:53am
@Vipin . Why Modi bhakts obsessed with Pak media. Go to Republic TV and feast on Arnab Cowswami