It's been a day since Spotify officially launched in Pakistan and people are still talking about it. Can you blame them though? After years of pirating music or mooching off siblings living abroad, Pakistanis can finally open their own accounts and listen to music sans VPN.

Of course nothing happens in Pakistan without Twitter reactions and people have been sharing screenshots of their playlists and adding friends right, left and centre.

One person made this chilling prediction that hopefully won't happen.

Please PEMRA, let us have just one thing.

Others started sharing quintessentially Pakistani playlists.

And predictions for future playlists.

Basically, people were pumped that Spotify is finally in Pakistan.

Congs indeed.

Some people don't really care because YouTube is free and easy.

Is Spotify really a thing unless your mom knows what it is?

Spotify has special (read cheaper) prices in Pakistan.

They're cheaper than other countries, so that's good.

But not too cheap, considering what everything else costs.

What's next? Amazon, PayPal?

Maybe some basic human rights?

Some people foresee troubling times ahead.

This one's funny but keep wearing masks everyone!

What do you think about Spotify launching in Pakistan?