Spotify to launch in Pakistan soon

Spotify to launch in Pakistan soon

The momentum it's going to give artists is huge, says singer Khalid.
23 Feb, 2021

Have you waited long enough to explore a library full of artists from all over the world? Wait no more!

Much to the delight of all music lovers, Swedish audio streaming platform Spotify is finally making its way to Pakistan, and is set to launch operations in the country "over the next few days."

Taking to social media, the news was met with excitement as the company announced entering 80+ new markets around the globe, including Nigeria and Bangladesh.

"The momentum this is going to give the artists, will be huge," exclaimed Saturday Nights singer Khalid as he gave his two cents on the launch.

"I'm going to discover one of those artists, i'm going to be extremely inspired, and I'm going to hit them up and we'll collaborate," he added excitedly.

South Korean girl band BlackPink were also thrilled at the news. "The biggest thing Spotify provides us is reach," they revealed. "It helps us reach fans from around the world instantly."

Grammy winner Billie Eilish felt the move was extremely important. "You know music is worldwide and there is so much talent that's isn't heard all over the world."

Soon after, the Swedish media service provider also updated its first post on Instagram, on a verified account made exclusively for their audiences in Pakistan.

Spotify, which initially launched its service over a decade ago in October 2008, is currently available in 93 countries with 345 million monthly active users.

With its current move, we can't wait to see what wonders it brings to the thriving music ecosystem in Pakistan.