11 Feb, 2021

For celebrity couples by a celebrity couple. Actors Aagha Ali and Hina Altaf will be hosting The Couple Show where they will interview fellow celebrity couples.

Speaking exclusively to Images, Ali and Altaf, who married nine months ago, say the show will premiere on February 14. It's a day of love for some people, says Ali, but for him, every day is a day of love.

But don't worry, the show won't be as cheesy as that line. "I can't do cheesy," Altaf laughs. "We're trying to keep it as real as possible," she says. "It is real," interjects Ali to more laughter.

"It’s fun," he says. "I'm having a ball. I think people will get to see a new side of us and I hope they like it."

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This isn't the first time the couple are hosting a show together but it's the first time since they got married.

"She used to be very rude on the shows. It was very different, hosting shows with Hina," teases Ali.

"We’ve done this before getting married but we didn’t like each other then," retorts Altaf. "Co-hosting with your husband or anyone else, it's obviously very complex. You may be married but this is your work. You have to give each other space," she explains.

But when asked whether he prefers working with Altaf in dramas or shows (they've worked together in 2019 drama Dil e Ghumshuda), Ali lays on more cheesiness. "I prefer doing anything and everything with Hina Altaf over anything else in the world."

The show

The show itself will loosely follow the format of American late night shows. Think The Late Late Show with James Corden or The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, a mix of games and gossip with celebrity guests.

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The guests on the show are going to be, you guessed it, couples. But they don't both have to be celebrities. Only one of the spouses can be a celebrity for them to appear on the show.

We're a newly married couple ourselves and we have been learning from our guests, says Altaf. They say some inspiring things, agrees Ali. They're learning new things about people they've known for some time and meeting some couples for the first time on the show.

Some of the guests they've had so far are Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz, Nadia Khan and her husband, Ali Safina and Hira Tareen, Hira and Mani and Aiman and Muneeb.

The show hasn't been given a time slot yet but it's expected to be shown in the evening or night on Aaj Entertainment.

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The couple kept mum on the type of games their guests will be playing but said they're a lot of fun. In fact, they have gotten so caught up in the games that they've answered the questions instead of the guests.

"It's fun," says Ali. "We're thankful to all the people who have come on the show and have gotten so candid with us."

There's a lot of content on the show that I've never seen on Pakistani television shows before, says Ali, "We’ve both done shows, in 2015 I got the Guinness record for the most morning shows," he says. "That's not true," interjects Altaf. "But it feels that way," he clarifies, continuing that they will also discuss domestic issues with their guests.

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Three reasons to watch the show?

"Agha Ali, Hina Altaf, Agha Ali," says Ali. "No! Agha Ali, Hina Altaf and Aaj Entertainment," nudges Altaf.