Tan France on his favourite memory of Pakistan and what he really thinks about local designers

Published 28 Jan, 2021 03:32am

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Can you guess which city in Pakistan he wants to really revisit?

The 'Tan' in Tan France stands for Tanvir and that is one of the many reasons why South Asians gush over the Queer Eye star.

The other reasons being he's talented, funny, witty, compassionate and so relatable when it comes to his love for desi food. His father is originally from Pakistan and his mother from Pakistan and India, and so every time his fans get a peak into his thoughts about Pakistan, they want to know more.

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In his interview with Hello! Pakistan, the British fashion guru shared his favourite memory of Pakistan — which was his last trip about 14 years ago. "I went to Rawalpindi to design my sister-in-law’s wedding lehnga. My brother was getting married, and our family was to provide the clothes — so I was a designer, and I said I want to design it, but I want to go to Pakistan to make it."

Calling it "probably one of the best vacations of my life", Tan told Hello that he helped cook every day. "My sister in- laws mom [...] found it so strange that this boy from England wanted to make gobi and bhindi every morning with her — and I would teach her to make it my way!"

"It was one of my favourite trips, I loved it so much!"

The city he wants to revisit is Gujranwala. "I liked that it was a village/city; I liked the culture a lot there, the people were so nice."

When asked about Pakistan designers, the Next in Fashion host told the publication that he has noticed they aren’t that great with social media as opposed to their Indian counterparts. "I got so much flack when I wore Indian designers at the Emmys [...] I don’t know any Pakistani great designers — they don’t have great social media accounts so it makes it really hard."

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We think Tan needs to make another trip to Pakistan quick and this time around, meet the awesome designers here and find something 'truly Tan' for himself to wear!