Tan France has something to say about fairness creams

Tan France has something to say about fairness creams

The TV personality started a new Instagram account and its first target is Fair & Lovely.
Updated 12 Oct, 2019

Over the course of time, many have started calling out fairness creams for what they really are: a byproduct of colonialism.

Folks with darker skin tones have been shamed for too long into thinking they are unattractive and need such lightening products to be acceptable to society. And while we still have a long way to go, the process is ongoing and we'll take it.

Pakistani British fashion designer, Tan France had his own thoughts to share about the matter.

France, known for his work in the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye, started a new Instagram account called Shaded which talks about the topic of racism and he picked up the biggest name in lightening creams, Fair & Lovely to talk about the colourism within society, especially because it was "one of the main reasons I started this account."

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"The name itself. Feels like a gosh darn hate crime... How is this even legal? How is this product still available in our local grocery stores, sat at the checkout, as a constant reminder that one should strive for fair skin, as fair skin [equals] beauty?"

"If you use this, or know of anyone using these bleaching creams, please know that they are bulls**t. Your colour is beautiful. You are desirable, just the colour you are."

In Pakistan, celebs like Nadia Jamil and Masarrat Misbah have also called out the brand and 'whitening' products in general while many celebs who have endorsed such brands such as Mawra Hocane and Sajal Aly have been called out for doing so.


Rubina Oct 10, 2019 04:06pm
If tanning is legal, then why not fairness creams?
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Iram Oct 10, 2019 05:29pm
these whitening creams and bleaching should be banned.
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Ahsan Gul Oct 10, 2019 07:30pm
One must be proud of himself regardless of skin color or appearance. British ruled our sub continent and gave us inferiority complex BUT Looted our natural resources And dignity. Total agree with this article.
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Pakamat Oct 10, 2019 09:58pm
You should be careful especially with those whitening creams containing hydroquinone which is banned in EU, USA , Australia and other countries. It can damage the liver and nervous system.
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ad Oct 11, 2019 03:26am
@Rubina If tanning is legal, then why not fairness creams? Agree. Why stop a person from getting tanned or getting fair ? It is their choice. Would you also ban hair dyes? because your natural hair is beautiful as it is !!
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Bilal Oct 11, 2019 09:02am
A face just neat and wearing a nice smile is more attractive than a rude "white" face.
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