Actress Sana Fakhar has been at the receiving end of some nasty comments after she shared multiple photos with her husband on Instagram, wishing her spouse on his birthday.

"Thank you for reminding me how butterflies feel like," she captioned the photos.

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Why the uproar? Because the third picture shows the husband and wife sharing a kiss.

The comments section had everything from "is this what we have come to" to "where is the sharam", as the moral brigade jumped at the chance to tell Sana everything wrong with her and the photos. But, there were many who also defended the Lollywood star and shut down the haters.

A day later, Sana herself decided to address the comments — well, more like laughed off the comments, appearing completely unperturbed by the intrusive commentary on the pictures.

"I can understand your pain and sadness, it feels like I have struck a nerve," she says with a laugh. "It happens [...] it's a sin to upset someone. By the way, what exactly did people not like? The act or the person in the picture?"

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"It was too much [...] criticism is your right, it's your opinion. Right, good — this is all subjective," she goes on to say in her video message.

"Your choice of words are really important. The words you use define your personality, your brought up. Some people were very nice and said nice things. Some others who are also nice said some nasty things.

"But I received love more [than hate]. I feel that even those who dish out criticism, are expressing a different type of love and admiration."

She shrugged off the negative responses by saying "haters don't exist in my life". "I have love and respect for all those who discuss me.

"Whatever you want to share, I don't mind. You have an access into my life and I am the one who has given you that access. So you can vent to your heart's content," she says with another laugh.

"We aren't angels. It's okay if you say something negative," she sums up, adding the ones who criticise are already in pain. "We should pray for them."

The actor then shared a smiling picture of herself, with the caption: "More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate."

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We're going to ask the same question we did last year around this time when Fahad Mirza and Sarwat Gilani found themselves in a similar situation: is PDA between two consenting married adults a crime?

The brouhaha over a photo of the married couple kissing in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome had led Gilani to hit back at the haters with a message: "STOP FOLLOWING ME IF YOU HATE ME SO MUCH."

And it really is that simple: click unfollow if you can't handle someone's content. Live and let live, people.