Mahira Khan is ready to make her comeback on the small screen

Mahira Khan is ready to make her comeback on the small screen

"Humsafar is why I continue to receive so much love in my personal life and in my career," says the superstar.
18 Jan, 2021

Mahira Khan is now a renowned film star but she remembers as well as us that it was her small screen hits that propelled her to fame.

From her TV characters Khirad and Shano to her big screen hits Ho Mann Jahan and Raees, she has proved herself to be versatile and a hit with the fans.

While celebrating 16 years of Hum network, Mahira talked about her acting journey — which will complete a decade this year.

Having recently recovered from the coronavirus, she first spoke about her time in isolation.

"I had it really bad," she revealed, adding that the good thing was getting the time to read new scripts.

"I want to come back to dramas. It's truly been magical for me with Hum TV. Humsafar is why I continue to receive so much love in my personal life and in my career," she said. "2021 will be ten years to Humsafar and that's how long my journey has been as an actor."

Speaking highly of her experience with Hum, she praised the the whole process of going into meetings, debating and pitching ideas.

Laughing while recalling moments from her set life, she spoke about how Bin Roye and Superstar were sets where she often got scolded, getting exhausted of the heat and the general chaos that breaks out on sets.

When asked about which leading man she had starred with was her favourite, the star, who recently celebrated her 36th birthday, picked another superstar: Humayun Saeed. "And of course, Fawad," she added.

Also celebrating Hum TV's 16 years were Bushra Ansari, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Farhan Saeed, and Ali Zafar on a virtual call (like Mahira), as well as Ahmed Ali Butt who was hosting the festivities.

Newly wed Sarah Khan spoke about what it was like to be married to husband Falak Shabir, who often surprises her on sets with flowers and presents.

"I want everyone to pamper their wives, show them some love," the Sabaat actor said, adding that she makes her own script choices, and he's always there to back her up.

Can't wait to see which scripts these beautiful women choose next!


Abdali Jan 18, 2021 02:07pm
She is old now. Better to retire and enjoy twilight years.
Mahmood Jan 18, 2021 02:33pm
A very small screen - like a flip phone and Youtube?? Good luck with lockdowns and Netflix addiction during the pandemic.
Analyst Jan 18, 2021 03:19pm
When did she made it to the big screen?
Chrís Dăn Jan 18, 2021 04:42pm
A good news indeed.
Chrís Dăn Jan 18, 2021 04:44pm
@Abdali Art and quality acting have nil relevence with age.
TrueMan Jan 18, 2021 05:59pm
The issue with such stars is, if they make even one film then they really forget working for the industry and consider themselves something really big but eventually they end up here anyway. When pockets start to shrink, you have no choices.
Patriot Jan 18, 2021 06:09pm
@Abdali act as mother..
Wolf Jan 18, 2021 06:11pm
Does it matter? World is focused on major issues like Covid etc.
Khuda jaane Jan 18, 2021 07:13pm
With Indian screen options closed, what else she or anyone in Pakistan film industry can do ?
Ali Mehdi Jan 18, 2021 07:38pm
We have other artists like Soniya Hussain, Sajjal Ali and Marina Khan etc but none of them seem to have the feeling that they consider themselves having the beauty that none ever had in the history of mankind. But this one is really in dire need to get a different expression on her face. The assumed feeling of extreme cuteness written all over the too sweet face is too boring.
misbah Jan 18, 2021 08:13pm
Kicked out from Bollywood
Rami Jan 18, 2021 08:44pm
Mahira is the superstar of Pakistan, with great works to her credit, beauty and talent !
ABE Jan 18, 2021 09:23pm
Yes, after winning many Oscars and Emmya, it is time for Super Star, bigger than Angelina Jolie of Mars to rest and return to her roots. Humility is in short supply in show business. Most of them have illusions of grandeour, bigger than Sophia Loren, Brigitt Bardot or Elizabeth Taylor.
raheel Jan 19, 2021 03:20pm
Old should give way to new generation.
ambreen Jan 21, 2021 10:49am
@Abdali Why ???