Mahira Khan opens up about her time in isolation

Mahira Khan opens up about her time in isolation

"I missed my child more than ever before. I missed seeing those I love so much."
24 Dec, 2020

Former VJ, television host, actor and superstar known for her stellar acting and huge fan following across the globe, Mahira Khan, who unfortunately recently tested positive for coronavirus, is reflecting on her time in isolation — away from family, friends and fans who are sending her strength and best wishes from afar.

Taking to Instagram, the Raees actor shared some emotional reflections during the time she's been spending social distancing, locked up in isolation and missing normalcy terribly.

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"I have listened to old songs, read lots, written and written and written, watched some amazing films, smiled while thinking of life and cried too, lit candles and then re lit some more every night," Mahira posted, sharing all that she's been doing to pass the hours.

"I missed my child more than ever before. I missed seeing those I love so much. And in my moments of pain and discomfort.. I could only thank the universe for the life I have lived and continue to live. Every little thing - all the tender mercies and blessings. Alhumdulillah," she added, looking back at all that life had to offer and truly grateful counting her blessings.

"Thank you for the birthday wishes and the love."

Khan also posted a short video playing legendary musician Noor Jehan's melodious tunes in the background, enjoying her vocals on what was the queen's 20th death anniversary yesterday.

"P.S Here I am, sitting on top of a roof.. watching the sky in all its glory. Added Madam Noor Jehaan’s chaandni raatein to it. ‘We only truly die when we are forgotten’ - She lives every day and forever," she added.

Previously, the Humsafar star had informed her fans of having contracted the virus, hopeful that the road to recovery would be a smooth one.

"I have tested positive for Covid-19. I'm isolating and I have also informed all those who were in close contact with me over the last few days. It's been rough but it will be okay soon," she had posted.

Khan recently celebrated her 36th birthday in isolation, sharing feelings of joy and gratefulness from her home, for her fans and their lovely wishes from all over the world.


Ali da Malanga Dec 24, 2020 12:37pm
There are thousands of people who are in the process of or have spent time in quarantine. Why is Mahira being given special treatment?
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Dec 24, 2020 01:04pm
So if a person was missing someone it becomes a news?
Teddy Dec 24, 2020 01:45pm
Mahira needs to retire and take rest. Age is not on her side.
tQ Dec 24, 2020 01:51pm
@Ali da Malanga . Can't agree more
Chrís Dăn Dec 24, 2020 02:08pm
The beautiful lady has a beautiful mind also. Get well soon.
Chrís Dăn Dec 24, 2020 02:09pm
@Ali da Malanga she is a known artist and we love to gear from her.
Chrís Dăn Dec 24, 2020 02:10pm
@Teddy a good artist does not depend upon age. An artistś beauty emerges from inside. And she is a great artist and hence beautiful .
Chrís Dăn Dec 24, 2020 02:13pm
I read all comments in this forum and observed one blatant fact-Pakistani people do not respect women artists even if artists are internationally recognized and bringing good name and pride for the country. Beyond understanding as to why Pakistani people are so negative.
Laila Dec 24, 2020 03:25pm
@Teddy age is not on the side of many male actors either yet nobody tells them to retire or how old they look. Faisal Qureshi, Humayun Syed, Aijas Aslam, Noman Aijaz, all pushing 50 or 50+ yet doing younger male roles. Their age more than shows. The double standards of this society are so toxic.
Ordinary Dec 24, 2020 03:58pm
Can we write on how poor and desperate people have lived through with Covid-19 infection? Mahira is rich and well feed and look after person with required things to live through Covid-19 comfortable at her disposal. What is special about Mahira in relation to Covid-19 if comparison we under privileged Covid-19 infected millions? I believe we should write a story on a recovery of an privileged poor human.
Ordinary Dec 24, 2020 04:03pm
@Chrís Dăn can you please give an example of her contribution to Pakistan apart marketing costumes for her own monetary benefit? It has nothing to do with gender - you are using gender as a lazy argument against people are question about what is special about her recovery from Covid-19 .
Laila Dec 24, 2020 04:55pm
@Ordinary she is covered by the media because she is a celebrity. Images tend to be entertainment culture celebrity related content. Nobody is saying she is extra brave or such.
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Dec 24, 2020 04:59pm
@Ordinary : Absolutely agree with you. Well said.
Chrís Dăn Dec 24, 2020 05:09pm
@Ordinary being an appreciable and valuable artist is not a contribution to Pakistan? She is contributing a lot as a genuine artist. At this point of time in history of Pakistan when our great artists faded away-we must value these ,we have. If she was in India,she would have been of Samita Patel jee,Shabanajee,and Rakheejeeś status. We are lucky to have her.
Mishayl Paries Dec 24, 2020 05:30pm
There are too many fold really suffering from covid why give Mahira so much attention
Kublai Dec 24, 2020 06:50pm
No Mahira please! Please! We don't want to hear about how you were batting away flies. Eating pakoras, watching mind numbing repeats of your own movies. Please spare us!!
TR Dec 24, 2020 07:49pm
Get well soon.
BK Dec 25, 2020 04:46am
She is very good actress; wish her all the best.
BK Dec 25, 2020 04:52am
@Ali da Malanga : The reason she is given special treatment is because she is a very good actress, a celebrity, and loved by lots of people.
raheel Dec 27, 2020 03:32am
This lady hadn't got it anymore and needs to retire and focus on motherhood as she has children. Acting is not as it used to be as well