Some Twitterati are comparing women to oranges and Jibran Nasir isn't having it

Published 17 Jan, 2021 05:24pm

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"Is the burden to follow religion placed on women alone, or do men also have any responsibilities of their own)," he questioned.

We were aware of the 'comparing apples and oranges' idiom but there's apparently another comparison we were (blissfully) unaware of till now: women and oranges. Yep, you heard it right.

A user on Twitter compared women who don't wear a hijab to a peeled orange, implying their downfall with a orange that has sunk to the bottom of the glass. Another glass shows an unpeeled orange which is still floating ... signifying what one can only assume is clothes?(!)

Speaking all of our minds, activist Jibran Nasir called out the analogy for what it is: irrational and illogical.

"A fruit doesn't speak, express, feel or dream but humans do. Wear whatever you want but do yourself a favour and stop drawing analogies of your gender with inanimate objects," he wrote.

Replying to users who were using religion to justify the analogy, he further objected to the comparison of women with fruits, reiterating that everyone should worry for themselves.

"Before she is commanded to cover herself, he is commanded to lower his gaze. Let her answer to God for her choice of dress and worry about your gaze as you will be questioned on that. Sab nay apni apni qabar main jana hai (everyone has to go into their own graves)," he added.

"Yeh deen kay saray ahkemaat pay amal ka thaika sirf aurton nay lia hai ya mardon ki bhi koi zimmedari hai (is the burden to follow religion placed on women alone, or do men also have any responsibilities)?" he asked.

Many others also took offence to the comparison


There, she said it

Incase someone was confused about the absurdity of it all