We’re so here for Ushna Shah schooling a fat-shaming troll

Published 09 Jan, 2021 04:15pm

Images Staff

"I am no longer 21. I am a grown woman who enjoys food and has a naturally curvy body type."

Influenced by a barrage of photoshopped images, filtered imperfections and modified fashion spreads to lure mass media, the one size fits all narrative has seeped its way into the minds of the general public, who believe all celebrities should look 'perfect' — and by that, meaning 'thin’.

Tackling one such criticism was Ushna Shah, who recently used a fat-shaming troll’s words as an opportunity to remind everyone how thick girls are beautiful.

The said fan (if you can even call her that) who reminded Ushna how she was thinner previously, called her 'slightly overweight' and advised the Balaa star to practice 'restraint in the earlier stages,' saying that the star should keep in mind that one gains a few kilos growing older.

Responding to the woman, Shah reminded her how beauty does not come in a standard shape or size, and how she looked was by her own choice.

"Thanks babe but that fitness level was by choice and so is this. I get athletic fit when I need to. And the world has seen it," she said.

"I am strong, I lift and am still muscular as you can see, when I want to shred and drop some weight, I will drop some calories and up my cardio but that will probably be for a role," she further shrugged.

Ushna also gave a much-needed reminder to all those people, who refuse to acknowledge that human beings, especially women, come in various different body types, and changes with age are only natural.

"I am no longer 21, I am a grown woman who enjoys food and has a naturally curvy body type. I am most comfortable in this weight because this is who I am and am very much in control of how I want to look. Society and sample sizes don't define my standard of beauty, I set my own, and I like being fit & thick!" she concluded.

You go girl.