I'm not urging women to expose their bodies: Ayesha Omar claps back at troll

I'm not urging women to expose their bodies: Ayesha Omar claps back at troll

"Wearing this dress was my choice. As wearing whatever you want, is yours."
05 Jan, 2021

Every once in a while, your favourite celebs remind their critics, that they too are human and have the right to be respected for their own choices, just like the rest of us.

Standing firm with the realisation this time, is Ayesha Omar, who recently clapped back at a troll who was trying to preach the Bulbulay star, a woman, the meaning of women empowerment by mocking her choice of supporting women-owned small businesses.

As the style icon posted a snap of the outfit she wore to the virtual Lux Style Awards, she was accused of 'encouraging women to expose more of their bodies, through their clothes.'

"I'm definitely not promoting/asking/urging women to expose their bodies. That is their choice, as wearing this dress was mine. As wearing whatever you want, is yours," Ayesha snapped back.

"This dress was sent to me as is it. I had no input in the design, length, structure or type of dress they were making for me. They only asked for my size. They contacted me themselves and sent me the outfit in June. I wasn't paid to wear or promote it either and was waiting for an appropriate opportunity to wear it," she added, explaining to the disgruntled "fan" how PR packages work.

"I'm promoting/showcasing their work/talent: the beautiful beaded hand embellishments."

The Karachi se Lahore actor also took this opportunity to teach him a thing or two about kindness and empathy — which goes a long way and which keyboard warriors often forget in their frenzy.

"If you could look beyond a bit of my limbs showing, it would be nice to appreciate someone's hard-work without being judgmental. Try it. Uplifts both parties," she said, adding the meaning of empowerment: "the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights."

As the star dazzled in the shimmery dress, she also took the time to reflect back on 2020 and why she wore to rock this particular ensemble.

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"2020 was undoubtedly a crazy year. A unique year. It saw some people losing their nearest and dearest ones or suffering badly, businesses being shut down, people out of jobs, people sick and in agony.... but it also saw a lot of people come out and help others with open hearts," she said.

"It saw people go out of their way to provide any kind of relief for those in need, reflect on their own needs and wants, rethink their priorities, ponder over what mattered, cherish their loved ones and so much more."

Sharing with a heavy heart that she also saw her close ones suffer, people in financial distress and went through the pain of being separated from her family for months, she decided to contribute in her own capacity.

"I decided I would try and help as many people as I could in whatever capacity I could. one of those ways was to use my social media platforms to promote social causes, NGOs, public service messages and small businesses throughout the year. (completely free of charge)," the Zindagi Gulzar Hai star stated.

"This beautiful custom-made dress was sent to me in June by a new female-run Pakistani brand. They contacted me, just asked for my size and said they’ll make something for me. I had no idea what was coming. When this hand embellished, beaded number came, I fell in love with it."

"Also, it was sooooo comfortable and fit like a glove, but alas there was no appropriate occasion to wear it for a quite a few months. When the virtual LSAs came around, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to showcase the work of these two talented and extremely hard-working girls. Everyone who saw it, loved it just as much!" she said, celebrating her decision.

As Ayesha absolutely killed it with her look and her response, we'd just like to add: if you think women empowerment equates to vulgarity, the real dirt lies in your own thoughts. Purify them.