Mansha Pasha hits back at trolls, says you can't justify cruelty by calling it an opinion

Mansha Pasha hits back at trolls, says you can't justify cruelty by calling it an opinion

This comes after people on social media made some seriously judgmental comments about the actor's engagement photos.
Updated 28 Dec, 2019

Jibran Nasir and Mansha Pasha may have looked like couple goals at their engagement ceremony earlier this week but that didn't stop social media trolls from, well, trolling.

Hitting back at haters, Pasha responded to a tweet about how easy it is for people to make and spread assumptions about others these days; one particular video in which Nasir kissed her on the cheek particularly triggered Twitter users.

"This is especially true for me with regards to the troll comments on my some of my engagement photos. Assumptions made on my life, my choices, my previous relationships. You can't justify cruelty by calling it "an opinion" especially if it's a worthless opinion."

The original tweet read, "The world today is such that whatever people don’t know about you, they create. They piece together what they hear from rumours, social media as well as assumptions and lies. It spreads really fast by the touch of a button. Stay away from such acts. You’ll be held accountable!"

Fellow actor, Armeena Rana Khan also gave the Laal Kabootar leading lady some back-up: "You looked like a queen, Mansha and your face reflected true happiness M.A. Nobody can take those moments away from you. They hate because of empty hearts and minds. I’m just going to send you positive energy to fill your timeline with."

Sweet! And Pasha makes a fair point; if you don't have anything nice to say, maybe don't say anything at all.


Tejinder Pal Singh Dec 27, 2019 06:13pm
Best wishes to the couple! Jibran is one of the few decent politicians in Pakistan!
Ehsan Dec 27, 2019 08:19pm
Don’t dignify these unhappy people with a response
N abidai Dec 28, 2019 08:18am
Totally agree with her ,that some senior artists are using cureulity about younger artists and call it a opnion ,these trolls should be stopped in their tracks !