From rock to dhamal: Top 3 Umair Jaswal duets on Coke Studio

Published 20 Dec, 2020 01:12pm

Images Staff

Umair knows when to turn his powerful chords up or down in moments that his co-singer could deliver better. 

This Friday's Coke Studio episode had some more stellar original songs — one that particularly stood out was Har Funn Maula by Umair Jaswal, featuring Sanam Marvi.

The powerhouse vocals of Jaswal and Marvi complemented each other and elevated the song to, dare we say, one of the best this season. 

Jaswal also made waves with his Gagar rendition on Velo Sound Station, which is running alongside Coke Studio this month, but for us, as enjoyable as Umair's performance was, it doesn't compare to his Hur Funn Maula

But can he get credit for a song which is not a solo? Yes, he can, and we're saying this after going through some of his previous duets. Umair can lend his vocals perfectly to a song and knows when to turn his powerful chords up or down in moments that his co-singer could deliver better. 

Here, we present to you our three favourite Umair Jasawal duets — and one special mention that we know won't go down well with some of you!

Charkha Nolakha with Atif Aslam

One of the earliest Umair Jaswal performances we can remember, he performed this song along with bonafide superstar Atif Aslam as the lead singer of the band Qayaas on season 5 of Coke Studio.

The bluesy vibe of the song — as well as two extremely different but equally memorable vocals — makes this one of Coke Studio's finest pairings, in our opinion.

Khaki Banda with Ahmed Jahanzeb

Described as a sufi-rock track, the song from Coke Studio season 9 brings together Ahmed Jehanzeb’s melodic and smooth style with Jaswal’s aggressive and energised vocals.

Amid the carefully intricate instrumentation, Jahanzeb pushes his vocals to build an electric atmosphere while Jaswal plays a supporting role so that the song doesn't become a shouting match.

Hur Funn Maula featuring Sanam Marvi

The song that made us do this round up — a Sufi dhamaal power track which was the first song for week 3 of Coke Studio 2020.

The dhol-based rhythm with Western drums gives it a rock element and begs to be played on some sturdy speakers. Marvi, a Sufi stalwart, delivers moments of pure dhamal while Jaswal shows remarkable restraint with his locals in some parts.

Har Funn Maula is a beautiful prayer in which a man asks his God to make him better at everything he does, asks Him to make him good at everything he does. We’ve performed a song with such high energy after a very long time; and the energy of it is bound to have you moving to its groove,” Jaswal has been quoted as saying. “The song means so much to me — I feel every word I am singing in this song.”

Special mention:

Sammi Meri Waar with Quratulain Balouch

This song has made it to our list as an honourary mention because of the polar opposite reactions to it! Featured on Coke Studio season 8, people were either feeing the catchy chorus and the house band's strong groove while others couldn't get over — in a bad way — the contrasting performing styles of Quratulain Balouch and Jaswal.

Regardless of the chatter, we like the spin on the folk Punjabi song and the combo of QB’s signature deep vocals with Jaswal's unmatchable energy.