From lamenting the state of Karachi beach to advocating for safety during a worldwide pandemic, Wasim Akram and Shaniera are at the forefront of highlighting the grave issues that plague Pakistani society.

This time around, the duo have taken to social media protesting the treatment of an eight-year-old repeatedly abused by his own father for not gathering enough income in the day.

Ilham, one of five siblings who is facing the brunt of child labour, is a victim of physical blows and electrocution when unable to sell the desired amount of chatai (mats) that has been asked of him.

"In my book, the lowest form of life on this planet are those who hurt and torture children," Wasim posted, visibly upset at the condition of the child.

"This video is absolutely heart wrenching to watch. The one man who was meant to protect this little boy, became only thing he feared the most. I’m sick to my stomach," the former cricketer declared.

Sharing the same distaste was his wife and activist Shaniera Akram, who was horrified at the treatment.

"Every child is a blessing from God. Those who abuse these innocent gifts of life, are the purest form of evil!" she said.